Reduce revenue leakage and improve safety with Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager

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Introducing Miya Precision, a next generation healthcare analytics platform that leverages FHIR to unleash the power in your data.

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Miya ED

Augment your existing EDIS with clinical dashboards & ED whiteboards that allow your Emergency Room team to highlight key risks, activate best practice guidance for common problems and detect and manage high risk lab results that arrive after the patient has been discharged.

Miya Patient Flow
Doctor working at desk in the hospital with his computer.

Improve hospital efficiency and resource utilisation with Miya Patient Flow. Our patient journey system brings together various hospital information sources for a 360 degree view of your hospital with high risk and relevant information highlighted and displayed on mobile devices or dashboards, so you have visibility of potential issues before they arise.

Miya Revenue & Reimbursement
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Reduce revenue leakage, enhance patient care and drive efficiency with Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager. Our solution reduces the gaps in clinical documentation by making it easy for VMOs and clinical staff to access and update patient information in real-time, minimising the risk of billing queries and clawback with accurate documentation and coding of patients.

smartphone to improve clinical outcomes

Upgrade to our secure healthcare messaging system which enables fast and accurate communication to improve the coordination of care. Envisage complete visibility of care, with two way communication and collaboration tools that result in faster, smarter decisions that improves patient safety, all from the convenience of a smartphone.

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