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Introducing Miya Noting

Facilitate efficient care and adhere to local standards with clinical documentation made simpler and aligned with clinical workflow. 


Introducing Miya Memory

Mobile electronic medical record available whenever and wherever you need to access patient information.


Introducing Miya Record

Longitudinal patient record that enables a more holistic and real-time overview of patients’ health status.


Transforming healthcare together

We’re working alongside healthcare organisations to harness technology and deliver a smart future of care.



  • Waitemata District Health Board

Latest News

Patient Safety
Insights, Patientrack
Inside mission control: Monklands
Alcidion's Patientrack software is at the heart of a futuristic command centre that is transforming patient care in the Lanarkshire hospital. You wouldn’t expect a hospital that was built over 40 years ago to be described as something akin to NASA. But chief nurse Karen Goudie can barely contain her…
Alcidion Year In Review
Digital Health
A year in review for the healthcare industry
2020 has brought more change and challenges than many could have imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated lives and livelihoods across the world, with hospitals and frontline healthcare workers pushed to capacity. Healthcare organisations rose to the challenge and demonstrated enormous resilience and adaptability, finding new ways to provide the…
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Digital Health
News, Smartpage
Alcidion extends milestone deal with South Tees for Smartpage, cloud hosting and business change management services
Alcidion is pleased to announce an extension of its contract with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (South Tees) to include cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure, a managed service of the hosted environment, Alcidion’s Smartpage clinical communication solution and business change management services. This contract extension follows Alcidion’s milestone deal…
The future of digital health: Orchestrating care
The move to remote working has brought with it some unexpected benefits, such as spending more time with my family, doing up the house and being reacquainted with unfamiliar household machinery like the washing machine. Most surprisingly, it has afforded me more quiet time to just pause and think. While…

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