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Introducing Miya Flow

Intuitive real-time display that supports the optimal sequencing of clinical and logistic processes to facilitate timely and effective care. 


Introducing Miya Memory

Mobile electronic medical record available whenever and wherever you need to access patient information.


Introducing Smartpage Clinical

Smart secure communication in real time across all your clinical teams.


Transforming healthcare together

We’re working alongside healthcare organisations to harness technology and deliver a smart future of care.



  • Waitemata District Health Board

Latest News

Patient Safety
Sydney Local Health District expands use of Miya Precision
Alcidion is pleased to announce it has expanded the use of its remote patient monitoring platform, Miya Precision, with the Sydney Local Health District. As announced on 1 July 2020, Alcidion signed an initial 12 month contract with Sydney Local Health District to deploy Miya Precision to support the virtual…
Patient Safety
Alcidion expands ExtraMed customer base with Queen’s Hospital Burton
Following Alcidion’s acquisition of ExtraMed in April 2021, Queen’s Hospital Burton is to deploy the ExtraMed Inpatient Flow Manager (IPFM) to help busy clinicians more efficiently manage patient flow, avoid delays in discharge, enhance patient care and free up crucial capacity for more patients. Healthcare professionals at Queen’s Hospital Burton…
Out of Hospital & Virtual Care
Insights, Miya Precision
Virtual and Remote Care - The Digital Solution
As technology adoption evolves in healthcare, opportunities to reinvigorate the way we provide care expand. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digitally-enabled methods of care, demonstrating that technology facilitates safer patient outcomes and addresses multiple challenges. It has long been recognised that patients recuperate better at home than in hospital. Remote Patient…
Life at Alcidion
Evidenced Based Project Management
Implementing software in a healthcare environment is complex. A few months ago, I shared some of the key factors for a successful software implementation. In this blog I will focus on another vitally important ingredient - Project Management. Project management processes come in many flavours, some that have recent popularity…

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