$2.0M extension to milestone deal with South Tees NHS Trust

Key Highlights

  • South Tees contract extended to cover Smartpage, cloud hosting, managed service for cloud hosting, and business change management services
  • Additional $2.0M increases TCV of South Tees contract to $11.3M¹ over 5 years
  • Announcement follows Alcidion’s milestone deal with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for Miya Precision suite & ePMA announced on 9 November

Alcidion Group Limited (ASX:ALC) is pleased to announce an extension of its contract with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (South Tees) to include cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure, a managed service of the hosted environment, Alcidion’s Smartpage clinical communication solution and business change management services.

The total contract value (TCV) for the extension is $2.0M, which now increases the TCV of the entire South Tees contract to $11.3M.

This contract extension follows Alcidion’s milestone $9.3M deal with South Tees for the Company’s flagship product suite Miya Precision and the Better OPENeP electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) system. The original contract was signed in November and represents the largest Miya Precision contract for the Company to date.

The addition of Smartpage will provide clinical team communication and collaboration capabilities to the Miya Precision solution, enabling integrated secure alerting and escalation within and between clinical teams at South Tees. The proposed cloud hosting and management service will provide South Tees with a secure hosting environment and the skills required to maintain the environment from Alcidion’s technical services team. A program as large as the one being undertaken at South Tees requires business change management that focuses on managing the impact of changed systems and business processes on staff, to ensure optimal adoption of the technology and the realisation of anticipated business benefits. South Tees has engaged Alcidion to map out the plan for a program of change management across the life of the project to support positive outcomes.

South Tees is the largest hospital trust in Tees Valley in the United Kingdom, with over 1,000 beds, employing approximately 9,000 clinical and operational staff and providing care for more than 1.5 million people.

Alcidion Group Managing Director, Kate Quirke, said: “Following the initial announcement of our contract with South Tees for Miya Precision and Better’s OPENeP solution last month, we are pleased to build on our partnership. With the addition of Smartpage, South Tees will now be utilising the complete Alcidion product suite, and we are glad to provide further hosting and managed services to best assist South Tees with the implementation of Alcidion’s technology to address their clinical and operational needs.”

1. All figures presented in Australian Dollars (A$) converted at the current GBP:AUD exchange rate unless otherwise stated. Difference in the previously announced value of the original South Tees deal ($9.47M) and the value mentioned in this announcement ($9.33M) is due to change in exchange rate.