ASX: Alcidion launches Miya MEMRe

Reduces clinician workload, improves patient safety and best practice compliance

Melbourne, Victoria – Alcidion Group Limited (ASX:ALC) today unveiled Miya MEMRe, a mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that enables clinicians to review their current activity and caseload, be notified of critical issues and access comprehensive patient records on the go.

The app is the first locally developed solution of its type to offer full access to your EMR data, and the first mobile EMR solution in Australia using FHIR clinical events. It’s also the first app that is source system agnostic and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to refine critical notifications and action lists.

Miya MEMRe is currently being trialled in Australian health services, interacting with local clinical systems and providing clinicians in high-intensity areas such as Emergency Departments with critical test results and risk indicators in real-time, via mobile devices, to enhance decision-making.

Miya MEMRe is designed to exploit the vast amount of information available in an organisation’s EMR and clinical systems, distilling that data and presenting it in an intuitive and focused user interface that aligns to clinical workflow. Clinicians immediately know what’s important, can identify problem areas and trends, and access data they need to deliver personalised and precise care.

Dr Malcolm Pradhan, Chief Medical Officer at Alcidion said, “We believe in the principle of ‘safety by default’.  By giving clinicians access to the information they need to make decisions and take action, we help them deliver the best possible care and outcomes for their patients.

“At the same time, our technology makes life on the floor simpler, improves efficiency, and can even deliver new insights to help health organisations evolve and innovate. Ultimately, it’s about making the delivery of healthcare safer than ever before.”

With Miya MEMRe, clinicians can instantly see their caseload – admissions, discharges, patients in ED, consult requests and reviews – and prioritise their time.  Sophisticated detection rules issue meaningful notifications so clinicians can review critical events such as lab results, vital signs and deterioration.  These notifications include valuable information – patient context, current medications and problem lists; so clinicians can understand the clinical context and take the best course of action.

Clinicians can also tailor their own patient lists to focus on a specific patient or a group of patients.  They can define their own patient lists by “tagging” patients or subscribing to specific data to monitor changes.  With these capabilities Miya MEMRe is designed to promote best practice compliance by reducing the cognitive load on clinicians, minimising variation, and lessening delays that could lead to patient harm.

“Miya MEMRe is a new generation of mobile clinical app, designed with the future of healthcare in mind,” Dr Pradhan explained. “First, we built it on the Apple® iOS platform to provide advanced security and a familiar interface, which is important for adoption.  We use explainable AI models for patient related clinical decision support.  We apply statistical models, tree learning, and Bayesian networks to monitor and alert.  We ensure the patient record is always synchronised by posting acknowledgements and updates to the EMR through SMART on FHIR and HL7.  All this creates a powerful clinical decision support engine that monitors data in real-time and provides access to comprehensive clinical events, while ensuring data quality and scalability.”

Miya MEMRe will be showcased this week at New Zealand’s Digital Health Week (Hamilton Nov 20-22), South Australia’s Supplier Showcase (Adelaide Nov 20) and NSW eHealth Expo (Sydney Nov 22).