Alcidion rolls out Critical Test Results Management across NT Health

APRIL 7TH 2016, ADELAIDE, SA – Alcidion Group Limited (ASX:ALC), a leading health informatics company has secured a major project to deploy its Critical Test Results Management across Royal Darwin and Alice Springs hospitals in the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory Health Department initially trailed the Critical Test Result Management technology across their Emergency Departments, which enabled abnormal pathology and radiology results to be forwarded to the care team responsible for a patient. Following the successful deployment of the innovative technology, the platform is being deployed across all inpatient units.

Missed or delayed lab results is a leading cause of Iatrogenic injury, industry experts estimate that 10% of admissions to acute-care hospitals in Australia are associated with a preventable adverse events. It is estimated that the direct medical costs of these events exceeds $2 billion per annum and that the total life-time cost of such preventable injury may be twice that amount; there is also a heavy toll in human costs on both those who are harmed and those who care for them.

Without a fully integrated results witnessing and tracking system around 40% of tests ordered are never read, typically 18% of these results are critical and likely to result in patient harm if not treated promptly. Many hospital departments strive for 100% witnessing however never achieve it, due to inefficient processes that requires clinicians re-review all results ordered.

Alcidion’s Critical Test Results Management ensures that abnormal results are witnessed by the appropriate members of the patient care team. The tracking system intelligently monitors what has been ordered, witnessed and assigns follow up responsibility to the appropriate care team. The technology can filter out low risk results to reduce the amount of valuable clinician time required to achieve one hundred percent witnessing.


Beyond accessing results when a patient is in the hospital a further challenge is to follow up results returned after a patient has gone home or between outpatient visits. Miya Results Tracker is specifically designed to address this difficult problem. The system is extremely efficient at picking up results received post discharge and pushing them to the appropriate clinician for review. Experience during the NT Health trial showed that the percentage of witnessed critical results increased from 56% before implementation to over 90% within a few months of implementing the system.

Professor Malcolm Pradhan, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Alcidion commented “It has long been recognized that medical care itself has the potential to cause harm. However, healthcare has been slow in adopting technology to assist clinicians in delivering safe results management. The sheer volume of test results is impossible to manage without systems that are dedicated to solving the problem. In healthcare you don’t solve problems by accident – you have to be targeted.”

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