Alcidion’s Smartpage goes live at Monash Health


  • The Smartpage clinical module – Alcidion’s proprietary clinical communication and collaboration software – has gone live at the Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital
  • Solution will dramatically improve after-hours staff communication and task management using smartphones
  • Three year contract valued at $389,000, with an option to extend

Adelaide, South Australia, 26 March 2018 – Alcidion Group Limited (ASX: ALC) (‘Company’) is pleased to announce that the Clinical module of its clinical messaging technology Smartpage has achieved a successful production deployment at Monash Health in Melbourne, as part of a three year contract worth $389,000. The after-hours mobile task management solution went live at the Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital on Tuesday 13 March, with the installation running smoothly and completed on time and on budget. Rollout to the remainder of the Monash Health public hospitals is planned within the coming year.

Alcidion’s Smartpage solution, which is now fully owned by Alcidion following the acquisition of Oncall Systems, will provide Monash with out of hours clinical task management that delivers two-way instant communications between clinical staff to increase productivity and improve patient care. As a patient’s condition can deteriorate at any time of the day, Smartpage is helping Monash staff provide optimum patient care in the night and weekend hours, when staff levels are reduced but patient occupancy remains the same as peak operating hours.

Martin Keogh, Chief Operating Officer Monash Health said, “We have taken a significant step towards improving after-hours care at Monash Health. Smartpage provides our clinicians with a modern, instant two-way communication and task allocation platform, which will enable our staff to deliver safe, quality and timely patient care 24 hours a day. The initial roll out to Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital went smoothly and has been very well received by our staff. We look forward to continuing the phased implementation at the remaining hospital campuses.”

“We are very pleased to see Smartpage’s installation go live at Monash Health, and look forward to a continued relationship with Monash. As one of our first installations of this technology in an Australian public hospital setting we are delighted that the teams have worked together to deliver a seamless transition that is already adding value,” said Alcidion CEO Ray Blight.

Servicing a population of approximately 1.4 million people in the Melbourne’s southern metropolitan area, Monash Health operates a network of public hospitals, including Monash Medical Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital, Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital.

The current contract is set to run for three years, but Monash has the option to apply two additional one-year extensions, bringing the potential total contract value to $500,000.

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