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Digital Health
Is ‘smart health tech’ solving the right problems for the NHS?
We need to focus on solving the right problems with technology, and facilitate better conditions, in order to improve smart healthcare adoption at scale in the NHS, writes Dr Paul Deffley, chief medical officer for Alcidion.
Electronic patient journey boards to optimise patient flow
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Patient Flow
The Philosophy of Flow 
Addressing the challenges in our emergency departments in the context of today’s increasing volumes, limited capacity, funding constraints, and exhausted healthcare workers is a complex task. In this article, Nick White and Paul Deffley share Alcidion’s philosophy of flow, drawing inspiration from Lean Manufacturing principles, to address patient flow blockages along the various ‘ramps’ in a healthcare system.
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Women in Digital Health
CEO Emma Hossack discusses MSIA & government engagement, sharing by default, and Alcidion’s partnership with Leidos
A recent Health Services Daily article titled “Third degree with MSIA CEO Emma Hossack,” provides insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the Australian medical software sector, from the perspective of Emma Hossack, CEO of the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA).
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Clinical Workflow
Errors are inevitable, and we need digital systems that understand that 
The management of clinical results is a huge part of a clinician’s daily life. It forms a key part of most patient journeys, with 95% of patient pathways involving a blood test.
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Miya Precision
International Patient Summary (IPS) & the Impact on Patient Care Across Borders 
The International Patient Summary is a standard in healthcare that provides a common format to exchange information such as patient demographics, allergies, medications, vital signs, and more.
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Life at Alcidion
Bridging Academia and Industry: UTS Student, Jessica Wilson’s Internship with Alcidion  
At Alcidion, we value creativity and innovation. One way we bring these values to life is our partnership with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as a sponsor for their Bachelor of Information Technology Scholarship (BIT). 
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Miya Precision
A Guide to FHIR Events Platforms and the Advantages over FHIR Servers and HIEs
Underpinning Miya Precision is a FHIR events platform that has been built from the ground up to standardise and store data in a FHIR format, facilitate clinical workflows, and enable real-time exchange of data.
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Miya Precision, Modern Modular EPR
Alcidion’s Miya Noting enhances clinician experience at South Tees
Nurses and doctors at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have highlighted the positive impacts of Miya Noting, a new digital noting solution
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Data and Analytics, Miya Precision, Patient Flow
How to get patients flowing: 12 uses of AI to unblock hospitals 
There is a great deal of focus given to the use of explainable AI in diagnostic applications, supporting clinicians in improving both the accuracy of
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Miya Precision, Operations Centre
How command centres are driving safe, efficient patient flow through hospital and beyond
Every day, our integrated care systems manage the delicate balance of providing the care patients need, whilst creating capacity to support new
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Miya Precision, Virtual Care
Addressing Challenges in the User Experience with A Human-Centered Design Approach
When it comes to building virtual care solutions, designing an intuitive user experience is key However, challenges can arise in the user experience
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Miya Precision, Patient Flow
How can we make patient flow effective and more efficient for the NHS?
Bed availability and NHS waiting times continue to hit headlines Winter pressures have evolved into a year-round headache, with little chance for

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