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Improve lives by supporting better healthcare delivery

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Learn how you can help empower the health care industry to deliver the best possible care.



Alcidion develops innovative solutions that address the problems challenging healthcare organisations around the world today. We aim to improve the experience of patients and clinicians and directly contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare operations – creating a cycle of continuous improvement.



We’re not a start-up but a scale-up! This means challenging, broad and varied roles allowing us to grow individually as Alcidion grows, in a company that’s big enough to be global but small enough for our efforts to make a genuine difference. Flexible working is welcomed and encouraged. It’s not where, when or how we work that’s important, it is the contribution each of us make.



Overwhelmingly, our people tell us that the best thing about working for Alcidion is our culture, the people that they work with and the sense of purpose. They use words like “family” and “inclusive” to describe our culture and “helpful”, “friendly”, “smart”, “professional” and “caring” to describe their peers and managers.



We value our employees and understand that you are more than just your job. That’s why we offer benefits that enhance work life and support you both personally and professionally.



Meet our people

Seli Taufua

Service Manager

“The commitment of staff at all levels who are willing assist each other in finding resolutions to customers issues/queries quickly and efficiently is a real joy to be a part of”

Katy Cain

Chief Nursing Information Officer

“I feel very proud to be working for a digital organisation that puts patients and clinicians at the heart of its purpose and goals”

Stephen Ridley

Technical Delivery Architect

“The positive impact we have on improving patient care and ability to reduce the mental workload on healthcare staff makes me proud to work at Alcidion”

Athene Alleck

Product Lead

“I am proud of the culture fostered across our teams and all the fun we have. We do stuff that matters and have awesome, brave, female-led management”

Sue Fossett

UK People, Place and Culture Business Partner

“When I hear customer stories in relation to how Alcidion have made their day easier or saved so many lives…it makes me proud to have played a part in us achieving that as an organisation”

Our Values

Strong values are important to us at Alcidion. Our values guide us in our day-to-day work

We are brave

We take on the difficult jobs. We try new things. We learn new skills so we can be bold.  We push the boundaries.

We are a team

We look out for each other and we have our team members’ backs. Our customers and suppliers are part of our team. We give honest feedback to our team members.

We are creative and innovative

We like to learn and try new ways of doing things. We believe technology will create a new healthcare capability.

We celebrate our achievements

We acknowledge when we and others have done a good job.  We celebrate what we achieve – new products, project completions and new sales.  We like to have fun along the way.

We amaze our customers

We value our relationships with customers enormously. We work with our customers to solve the big problems. We are tenacious – we never give up. We always deliver on our promise. We are honest with our customers.

We are optimistic

We believe in ourselves and what we can achieve. We believe the healthcare industry can and will adopt technology that allows them to change. We know we can deliver on our promises. We believe healthcare will become safer using our technology.

Life at Alcidion

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