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Clinical solutions

Clinically aligned

Smart clinical capability that supports clinicians and healthcare workflows with tailored and actionable insights across all aspects of healthcare, leading to streamlined care delivery and improved patient outcomes.

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WHY Alcidion

Actionable insights

Our smart clinical solutions consolidate data from your disparate systems to directly support clinicians in their delivery of patient care. We use modern technologies to interpret data in real-time and present meaningful information aligned with clinical requirements, the care setting and the needs of the patient. We aim to make the easiest thing to do, the right thing to do.

Enhancing engagement

Presenting relevant information to clinicians in a meaningful paradigm enhances engagement and adoption, leading to better patient care.

Promoting adherence

Providing clinicians with suggested actions based on local protocols and interrogation of all patient data, to promote adherence to best practice.

Supporting mobility

Clinicians are not always in the same place as their patients. Providing access to information when and where it is needed ensures patient care remains the focus.

Recommended Modules

Clinical solutions

Based on our understanding of clinical needs and processes, our solutions support the process of patient care by providing clinicians with relevant and meaningful information when and where it is needed.


Miya Platform

A FHIR-based event platform that transforms data from multiple systems to present consolidated and meaningful information.

Miya Record

Longitudinal patient record consolidating inputs from all systems and transforming them into an intuitive summary.

Miya Memory

Mobile EMR presenting consolidated patient information with actionable insights wherever and whenever needed.

Miya Flow

Proactively manage patient stays with access to real-time patient and clinical information.

Miya Logic

Create clinical decision support rules to highlight patient status and support best practice.

Miya Noting

Comprehensive structured and unstructured clinical documentation capabilities for all clinical workflows.

Miya Emergency

Manage emergency department clinical care and throughput with visibility of key indicators.

Miya Care

Intuitive platform that guides patients to actively participate in monitoring their health.

Miya Specialty

Specialty-specific dashboard display of patient lists with clinically relevant information.

Miya Language

Natural language processing transforms unstructured clinical documentation to meaningful concepts.

Miya Coding

Clinical documentation analysed to ensure that episodes of care are optimally coded, improving reporting and revenue.

Miya Observations

Record vital signs at the point of care with automatic calculation of risk scores and notifications.

Miya Assessments

Document patient status with application of risk screening and monitoring assessments aligned to workflow.

Smartpage Clinical

A secure clinical messaging platform supporting chat between individuals and groups, such as image sharing, clinical handover and task management.


Clinical and patient flow solutions

Case studies

Townsville Hospital & Health Service Smartpage Implementation
Townsville Hospital & Health Services
Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) was looking for solutions to improve after-hours workflow, reduce task interruption due to excessive phone calls to clinical teams and the communication between ward staff and after-hours teams at Townsville University Hospital. Alcidion’s Smartpage Clinical solution was chosen as the preferred task management system…
South Tees Modern Modular EPR
Miya Precision has enabled South Tees to digitise patient care processes and records while providing a trust-wide orchestration layer to integrate new clinical data with patient data in existing trust systems - a modern, modular EPR.
Manx Care, Isle of Man
Manx Care, Isle of Man were looking for solutions to replace an outdated legacy paging system with a modern progressive method of communication. To address this challenge, Manx Care embarked on a project with Alcidion to deploy Smartpage Clinical.
Te Whatu Ora - Nelson Marlborough
Te Whatu Ora - Nelson Marlborough: closing the loop with digitised deteriorating patient information, clinical communications and task management

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