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Miya ED

Build a team based approach to managing clinical risk

Clinical Dashboards & ED Whiteboards for Emergency Medicine

What is Miya ED ?

Miya ED provides a set of clinical dashboards & ED whiteboards that allows your Emergency Room team to have a dedicated display for risk management by augmenting your existing EDIS. Miya ED can be used to highlight key risks, activate best practice guidance for common problems and detect and manage high risk lab results that arrive after the patient has been discharged.

  • React to critical results as they arrive – using a color coding system driven by a clinical decision support engine.
  • Improve patient safety by acting upon critical results that arrive after patients are discharged.
  • Reinforce best practice with guidelines that appear based on the patient’s current health state.
  • Improve productivity with a touch-based user interface that puts clinical data at your fingertips.
  • Save valuable time logging in by utilizing the Miya ID sub-second login system.
SecondScreen Clinical Dashboard & ED Whiteboard - Integrated with EDIS

Seamlessly enhance your Emergency Department – and your EDIS

Miya ED is designed to deal with the realities of Emergency Medicine. It is easy to learn and provides fast access to data – so your Emergency team can focus on the complexities of patients, not IT systems.

  • Intuitive user interfaces allow clinicians to learn how to use Miya ED with minimal disruptions to productivity.
  • Designed to fit on top of your existing Emergency Information System or EDIS, not replace it.
  • Integrates with your existing hospital systems: Labs, Radiology (RIS/PACS), Administration (PAS) and Emergency Information Systems (EDIS).

Clinical Dashboard & ED Whiteboard

ED Whiteboard and Clinical Dashboard that integrates with EDIS
Provide a highly visible view of all patients in the Emergency Room with an ED Whiteboard that color codes clinical data, including lab results, according to risk. Promote a team based approach to risk management by using the clinical dashboard as a central information source for clinical risk.

Results Management

Emergency Room Test Result Management on a Clinical Dashboard that integrates with EDIS
Communicate clearly to your team which test results have been
acknowledged by the appropriate physicians.

Missed Result Tracking

Emergency Room Missed Results Tracking Clinical Dashboard
Define rules for reviewing results that were not witnessed prior to the patient’s discharge. Track missed results by day or by attending physician. Communicate your plans to follow up on high risk results.

Miya ID

Use RFID cards, iButtons or other 2nd factor authentication mechanisms to speed up logging in, and spend clinical time focusing on what really matters: patients.


Select only the elements of the Miya ED system that you need, or all of them. Customize for your health service by adding features from other Alcidion products.

Data Interoperability

Extract data from Miya ED for use in context epidemiological studies, or for use in management reporting to third party tools or your data warehouse.

Superior Support

Rely on Miya ED 24 x 7 with backup from
Alcidion’s elite customer support team.

Miya ED

Build a team based approach to managing clinical risk.


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