Our Commitment to ESG

Since its inception, Alcidion has been guided by a simple purpose, that is, to transform healthcare with smart, intuitive technology solutions that meet the needs of hospital and allied healthcare, worldwide. We aim to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare safer for all, with this sense of responsibility extending more broadly to the environment and communities in which we operate.

Our ESG Roadmap

Taking Sustainability Action

Goal: Embarking on our sustainability journey

We are committed to ongoing changes that will contribute positively to the sustainability of the planet.

At Alcidion, we are dedicated to achieving Net Zero emissions by the year 2050. We recognise the critical need to address climate change and its impact on global health. Our commitment extends beyond minimising our carbon footprint to actively promoting sustainability through the delivery of our solutions.

We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to implement energy-efficient practices and responsible supply chain management. By prioritising environmentally conscious decisions, we will continue to work towards creating a healthier planet for generations to come.

We commit to providing an annual update on our areas of focus and progress to achieve this.

Contribution: Flights and Commuting

We have taken steps to reduce the carbon intensity of our travel and commuting, including carbon offsets for flights globally and salary sacrifice for electric vehicle purchase in the UK.

Contribution: Location of our Workplaces

We continue to support remote working and apply selection criteria to determine our office locations, including the proximity to public transport and the availability of low-emission electricity options.

Nurturing Growth in our People and Communities

Goal: Thriving for our workforce and communities

We work to create an environment where both employees and the communities in which we operate can flourish and prosper.

Contribution: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our policies continue to promote diverse workforce participation. During FY23, we have improved our ability to develop and tailor our diversity program, by allowing staff the option to self-identify diversity information.

You can learn more about Alcidion’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy here.

Contribution: Health and Wellbeing

We have continued to enhance initiatives to support the physical and mental wellness of our people. Our employees enjoy an annual wellbeing allowance, wellbeing leave, counselling services for employees and their families, as well as access to various health services and schemes specific to the employee’s location. Employees set a wellbeing objective to support and enhance their physical, economic, social, emotional or psychological wellbeing.

Contribution: Volunteering

We recognise that many of our employees want the opportunity to contribute to their communities to add social value. Alcidion staff are given time each year to give back to their community, and staff have taken up this opportunity in ways such as volunteering at local foodbanks and supporting community innovations and local sporting organisations.

Safeguarding Trust

Goal: Fortifying Data Security and Privacy

As a digital health company, the protection of sensitive data to maintain the privacy of individuals and our customers is at the core of what we do.

Contribution: Resourcing

Our cybersecurity and privacy resilience continues to improve and adapt. A dedicated CIO role was created in FY23 with responsibility for internal IT operations, internal infrastructure, IT security and IT strategy. We grew our internal cybersecurity team and drew further on the expertise of third-party providers in our cyber resilience activities.

Contribution: Building Cyber Resilience

A key part of our internal information architecture and strategy during FY23 has been improving our incident preparedness, including partnering with a leading external cybersecurity digital forensics and incident response team for 24 x 7 incident support. We have further expanded our programs of testing for our product suite and cloud hosting environments and our staff education program for cyber awareness.

Strong Business Stewardship

Goal: Building the foundation to future success and prosperity

We are laying solid groundwork for sustained growth, achievement and wellbeing for the future to benefit all our stakeholders.

Contribution: Risk Framework

A focus during FY23 has been further embedding the risk methodology set by the Board throughout the Company’s operations to ensure that frontline risks are appropriately escalated, assessed and treated.

Contribution: Oversight of ESG

The Board continues to oversee the direction and initiatives of Alcidion’s formal ESG program set up in late FY22.

Access to key resources

Alcidion was founded with a strong purpose of making a positive difference to patient outcomes by working together with our customers to transform healthcare. A positive impact for patients and reducing the reliance that hospitals have on paper are at the core of what we do and the platform for our ongoing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

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