HIC Highlight – Royal North Shore Musculoskeletal Integrated Care Program

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Seven Guney, Program Manager, Health Informatics and Analytics Program, The Kolling Institute at Royal North Shore Hospital presented at the HIC 2018 conference.  Her presentation described the Musculoskeletal Integrated Care (MSIC) Informatics and Analytics Program, and the capabilities delivered by her team and MKM Health to support the patient recruitment process.

An automated screening tool was designed that incorporates an algorithm to identify patients who met one of the program eligibility criteria by screening the last 12 months of historical eMR data.  The output of the screening tool informs the recruitment process to confirm eligibility of the patient.  It provides a targeted point of reference to access further review of admission records, progress notes, surgery, result etc. in the eMR.

The MSIC Dashboard was developed in a separate SQL database that has online analytics capability facilitated by Qlik Sense and through which high quality integrated near-time clinical data is available.  The database architecture schema is patient-centric and is modelled on the MSIC patient’s journey throughout their care provided across NSLHD public facilities.

With the Automated Screening Tool, patient identification and recruitment process have been significantly improved that result in appropriate patients being seen more efficiently.  It also realised clinical time back to patient care. After reviewing only four months of data, the following clinical benefits were identified:

  • Searching eligible patient time is decreased dramatically – from 240 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Increased number of minimal trauma fracture patients identified – from 94 to 169
  • Time taken to identify patients is halved – from 18 minutes to 9 minutes

The following diagram highlights the input of MKM Health in developing the capability to support the MSIC:

This is one example of the many successful engagements between MKM Health, The Kolling Institute and the Northern Sydney Local Health District.


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