Healthcare analytics that solve clinical problems in real-time

Miya Precision is a next generation healthcare analytics platform that solves clinical problems with AI, clinical decision support (CDS) and real time alerts to reduce clinical risk and prevent poor patient outcomes.

As an open standards based platform, Miya Precision leverages FHIR to overcome interoperability issues, so you can unleash the power in your data to drive real change and improvement, hospital wide.

Designed to meet the varying needs of clinicians and other hospital staff, Miya Precision is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring high levels of user adoption.


Overcome interoperability issues with an open standards based platform that leverages FHIR.


Get real-time insights into your hospitals efficiency, patient risk and value based care.


Use your clinical data to make changes and improvements across your hospital.

Real-time information at your fingertips

Doctor working at desk in the hospital with his computer.
Drill down to the specifics of each individual patient with Miya Precision which integrates with any source system to improve patient safety and aid precision medicine.

Clinicians are able to make the most informed decision on the best course of action for each individual patient based on real-time holistic and concise metrics which can be visualised on any device. And the best thing is it’s intuitive and easy to use making user adoption simple.

  • Integrates with any source system including PAS, EMR, Radiology and Pathology
  • Aids precision medicine with individual patient views
  • Easy to use and intuitive for simple and fast user adoption

A platform for innovation

Miya Precision comes with thousands of pre-configured metrics across hospital operations, patient information, clinical risk and speciality specific metrics that can easily be embedded into clinical workflows.

Clinician and care team alerts

Create specialty-specific patient lists to visualise patient data and the output of their algorithms to create workflows that manage patients at risk.

Data and algorithm governance

Specifically designed to support data and algorithm governance, the managed AI environment tracks data quality from hospital data feeds, as well as the performance of algorithms developed by Alcidion or your own staff.

Plug and play your own statistical models

Unleash your clinician’s analytic potential by allowing them to develop, test and safely implement business rules and predictive models, to measure and monitor the things that are important to their patients.

Informed healthcare decisions driven by data

The AI-based predicitive analytics in Miya Precision allows clinicians and hospital staff to get data on anything from hospital operations for monitoring patient flow down to complexity metrics and the deterioration risk of an individual patient, making it easier to identify where problems may occur, so a plan can be put in place to mitigate risk.

With the real-time analytics in Miya Precision you get powerful insight into your hospitals efficiency, patient risks and value based care, using highly visual, customisable dashboards, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions at every level.


Powerful, real-time and predicitive healthcare analytics

With a range of AI predictive analytics modules, Miya Precision provides the perfect platform for driving impactful change at every level of your hospital.

ED, ward and unit occupancy, length of stays and activity

Outpatient and theatre list monitoring

Waiting times & delays in service requests

Monitoring of Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs)

Unlock the power in your clinical data and bring it to life with Miya Precision, a real-time and predictive, healthcare analytics platform.


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