Alcidion extends partnership with Leidos Australia and Commonwealth of Australia

Alcidion has signed an extension to their existing contract with Leidos Australia for delivery of a Health Knowledge Management system to support healthcare service delivery across the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The extension to the initial contract with Leidos Australia will provide additional scope for the JP2060 Phase 4 project over 57 months comprising the addition of Miya Observations and Assessments modules as well as an expanded subscription for the Miya Precision platform.

The agreement increases the number of Miya Precision modules that will be used by Defence, with Miya Observations and Assessments now licensed for use in both Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation and Tactical Aeromedical Evacuation, providing a further validation of Alcidion’s modular Electronic Patient Record (EPR) approach. Alcidion will also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the successful delivery and adoption of this additional scope.

The additional capability provided by Alcidion will ensure that critical, relevant medical information can be shared between Defence and its allies in the treatment of ADF members and that a consistent longitudinal health record is available to clinicians regardless of the setting in which they are operating.

Group Managing Director and CEO Kate Quirke said: ‘We are proud to see Miya Precision play an increasingly crucial role in supporting the health outcomes of ADF personnel through the provision of consistent longitudinal health data for clinicians across varied care settings. We look forward to continuing to build on our existing partnership with Leidos and other consortium partners to deliver a world-class Health Knowledge Management for the ADF”.