Alcidion share Red Rose Award with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

Software which supports quality improvements implemented at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust helped Burnley-based Alcidion win a Red Rose award for ‘Digital’ at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in March.

The award, which Alcidion have shared with the Trust, was given to recognise the significant improvements in patient safety following the implementation of a Smartpage communication system, which allows clinical staff to spend more time with patients who need their care.

Smartpage is a secure smartphone and web-based system for hospital communication and task management, that removes time-consuming, paper-based processes and can save up to 15 minutes an hour for doctors – which has proved to be the case at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, leading to lower stress levels among staff, and a safer and effective way of ensuring patients receive timely responses. The software can digitise hospital bedside observations and pro-actively monitor patients’ vital signs at home.

A Medical Assessment Unit Sister at the Trust said: “Smartpage has revolutionised how we contact doctors, with no more standing by a phone waiting for a return call after bleeping them.

“The time saved ultimately means more time for our patients.”

Alcidion managing director, Lynette Ousby, added: “We will continue to support the growing ambitions of our NHS partners, providing innovative technology to help them achieve their goals.”

The success of the software at the Trust was a big factor in winning a Red Rose Award, as the judges noted: “Alcidion demonstrates exactly what this award is all about – digital impact.

“They are reshaping how the NHS supports all our health, and positive impact is already happening in a growing number of NHS Trusts.”

This article was originally published in the Lancashire Post, 17 May 2023