Alcidion signs contract extension with South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for Electronic Patient Record

Alcidion has signed a contract extension with South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for an additional 8 years for the Miya Precision Electronic Patient Record (EPR) including the electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) module from Better. This takes the contract period to 10 years (to 2033) with 2 years remain on the existing contract. 

South Tees have implemented Alcidion’s Miya Precision platform as their Electronic Patient Record. They have used Miya Precision to digitise patient care processes and records while also providing a trust-wide orchestration layer to successfully integrate clinical data with patient data in existing systems using the FHIR standard. The consolidation of this disparate information has enabled the trust to expedite and improve clinical decision making as well as seamless electronic observations, digital patient assessments, care planning and medication processes – delivering better patient outcomes. 

Since 2020, South Tees has activated several Miya Precision modules, effectively scaling their digital initiatives across clinical work-streams and logistical operations. The incorporation of modules such as Miya Flow, Miya Noting, and Miya Observations has yielded impressive time and cost savings for the organisation. The contract extension allows for additional modules to be implemented such as the Patient Administration System and Virtual Care modules.

The contract extension validates the Alcidion proposition of a modular electronic patient record that allows incremental value to be achieved with less disruption and quicker results, allowing the trust to protect their existing investments and get a better long-term solution, that clinicians love. With the introduction of Miya Noting at South Tees, the impact was immediately evident, as one junior doctor reported saving an hour on the very first day of use. Another clinician reportedly saved 30 minutes preparing for a ward round and 30 minutes on the ward round itself, all thanks to the elimination of cumbersome paper-based processes. Beyond the significant shortened time-to-value, the implementation process itself adds to the overall efficiency of the solution. Staff members required only 15 minutes of training with the new system, indicating a smooth and intuitive transition. 

The success of this agile and modular approach positions South Tees advantageously for future developments, as it lays a solid foundation for the deployment of advanced clinical-decision support, AI, and NLP applications. 

Alcidion Group Managing Director, Kate Quirke, said: “This extension confirms the value Miya Precision has been able to unlock for South Tees in harnessing the power of their own data. South Tees committed to the rollout of Miya Precision during the pandemic and have successfully rolled out the modules to complete an EPR that provides operational insights and provides their clinicians with digital tools that support them by providing them better information to underpin their decision making. The data insights and success metrics we have received to date are extremely positive and reinforce our purpose of giving clinicians time to care for patients.

Healthcare systems are under unprecedented pressure, and we remain committed to working with Trusts and ICSs as the partner of choice to deliver easy-to-use and clinically relevant technologies that expedite the digital health transition”. 

South Tees is the largest hospital trust in Tees Valley in the United Kingdom, with over 1,000 beds and employing approximately 9,000 clinical and operational staff and providing care for more than 1.5 million people.