Alcidion’s Miya Precision Supporting Patient Flow at Alfred Health

Alcidion is pleased to announce Miya Precision modules Miya Flow, Miya Access and Miya Command have gone live across Alfred Health.

A leader in health care delivery, improvement, research and education, Alfred Health is the main provider of health services in the inner southeast of Melbourne and provider of major specialist state-wide services to the people of Victoria.

Alfred Health shared with Alcidion their vision to create a command centre that can support the oversight and management of patient flow and care pathways across the organisation and establish the foundational capabilities to remotely care for patients in their own home.

Real-time electronic patient journey boards

Alcidion’s Miya Flow solution was selected to assist Alfred Health to improve the flow of patients across their three hospitals. Miya Flow integrates with the Alfred Health Electronic Medical Record and consolidates data in real-time from source systems to present an intuitive view that supports patient care and enables proactive referral management and discharge planning. Replacing manual whiteboards consisting of patient data with an Electronic Patient Journey Board provides the ability to eliminate duplication of data, minimise manual data entry and promote timely safe discharge.

The implementation of Miya Access further provides end to end bed management workflows to promote efficient and effective communication and transfer of patient flow information between ward/department staff and the Bed Assignment Office. It supports better patient flow, decreases outliers, and improves the efficiency of care delivery from ED through to discharge.

Complementing these journey boards and the data collected, Miya Command works in the background to provide all wards and departments with an overview of upcoming patient volume, patient movements, bottlenecks and discharge barriers.

Command centre view for better, safer care

Implementation of Miya Precision has provided the staff at Alfred Health with an understanding of the status of all patients across all facilities in real time, without relying on telephone and messaging systems.  Information displayed will also provide a central point of focus for activities like ward rounds and discharge planning.

Alfred Health’s Chief Digital Health Officer Amy McKimm said, “We realise the benefit of using our investment in digital health information to improve patient movement and flow.  These new tools are designed to provide at-a-glance access to the status of a patient’s journey – information that will also be used to inform operations and planning.”

Managing Director and CEO Kate Quirke said, “Alfred Health has been using digital technology to support healthcare delivery for many years and we are pleased to be working with them to assist in accumulating their digital information in our Miya Precision platform using Miya Flow to support efficient movement of patients through their system. This is particularly relevant now when we have such significant capacity pressures in our health system”.

Alcidion has welcomed the opportunity to partner with Alfred Health to deliver technology that assists with alleviating patient flow pressures, manage bed availability and provide a real time view of the entire organisation.

This collaboration with Alfred Health is a first of a kind project in Victoria and provides the opportunity to showcase the ability of this technology to work within existing systems on a large scale.