Alcidion’s Miya Solution for COVID-19 and Beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has placed immense pressure on global economies, policies and societies in general and its impact is no more apparent than on the healthcare industry on the front lines.

Our healthcare industry was already facing the prospect of significant transformation as a result of capacity and efficiency challenges, as well as legacy IT issues. The prolific nature of COVID-19 has forced governments and healthcare providers to adopt technology-driven approaches to address the challenges of infection control, social distancing and home quarantine, rapid disease education and supply chain limitations.

In many ways, COVID-19 presents new opportunities for the healthcare industry to not only emerge from this health crisis better prepared for pandemics of the future, but in a better position to address the industry’s ongoing challenges of chronic disease management, workforce shortages, and an ageing population.

How Alcidion is uniquely positioned to help

There has been a tremendous response with innovation from technology companies to help the healthcare sector, which is fantastic, but can also be confusing for healthcare providers as to which solution suits their specific needs.

Miya Precision COVID-19

Critical capabilities for data integration 

In order to properly understand where the attention of our healthcare system needs to be placed, we need a lot of data. That data comes from a variety of systems and sources: from the EMR in hospitals through to systems in community settings to home environments and wearable devices. Many systems and organisations have legacy issues of interoperability, which requires deep integration skills to get the data to a central place. Alcidion manages two state-wide integration programs across New South Wales and Queensland, utilising two different integration technologies, which makes our capabilities extensive and adaptable

Advanced analytics expertise and insights 

Once you integrate the data, you then require a place to hold it for use. Alcidion has implemented and now manages and supports near real-time data warehouses with multiple major health service providers across both public and private sectors in Australia. We have unparalleled knowledge of healthcare schemas that are complimented by the skills to transform this data to a meaningful structure that can be interrogated by the business.

Flexible, scalable and configurable platform 

The Miya Precision Platform brings the integration and data layers to life by allowing a healthcare system to understand what actionable insights should be presented to their key stakeholders, from administrators, to clinicians, to patients, using state of the art technologies that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. This Platform provides the necessary data structure to allow for scalable Clinical Decision Support (CDS). Our platform is accessible via desktop and mobile, with an intuitive user interface, so clinicians can make healthcare decisions on the go, saving time and improving care. Miya Precision makes doing the right thing, the easy thing to do.

The philosophy of being open and interoperable is built into all aspects of the Alcidion technology stack. All data is transformed and stored using a standard FHIR specification, which allows customers and partners, to connect their innovations, such as algorithms, into the Platform.

What can Miya Precision do for COVID-19, specifically?

No other technology company in the market today has proven integrations with all the necessary components required to produce a fully populated platform that enables the various stakeholders of the healthcare system to make informed decisions during COVID-19. While many solutions publicised to date have addressed certain aspects, such as ingestion of virtual home data, not many solutions are able to incorporate the full spectrum of needs from hospital, to home.

Below is a high-level view of all the integration points and workflows which Miya facilitates:

Miya Precision

  1. Integration with labs, patient administration, etc.
  2. Patient assessments, outcomes, data, with optional decision support back to patient via patient apps
  3. Optional integration with Bluetooth biometric data
  4. Two-way integration with clinicians in hospital and community via web and Miya MEMRe app (see visual below)
  5. Population monitoring dashboards for nursing staff monitoring patients both out-of-hospital and in-hospital
  6. Two-way integration with EMR, if present, and other systems, including, as applicable:
    • Integrating out-of-hospital data and Bluetooth biometric data
    • Sharing calculations of deteriorating patient data such as Between the Flags (BTF) and Early Warning Scores (EWS)
    • Sharing other scores that can be calculated aligned to hospital standards in Miya Precision or in the EMR


What do Miya Precision’s COVID-19 views look like?

The following views provide an indication of what might be seen with various use cases of the Miya Precision Platform to help your organisation manage the COVID-19 population

Hospital at a Glance

What Alcidion calls Hospital at a Glance can be tailored to provide a visual representation of where your organisation might have COVID-19 trending or confirmed cases. This capability can also be applied to community-based views to cater for hotel or temporary holding locations with large numbers of patients to monitor.

Dashboards – Various Settings

The two dashboards shown below provide an illustration of the power of the platform to present not only information, but actionable tasks built into any given patient or list of patient’s views, across multiple venues of care.

Miya Precision Dashboard

Miya Precision Dashboard



The Alcidion platform has been designed in such a way that all of the power of the data can be filtered through an advanced Decision Support Engine, used to present information in the most precise and concise way to the point of mobile devices, removing technology as a burden to usability.

Miya Precision Mobility

Patient at home

We are also actively working on the best approach to engage patients in the ongoing management of their care and provide support for direct communication.

Miya MEMRe

How will the platform be used beyond COVID-19?

The good news is the Alcidion platform has been built with flexibility, scalability and configurability in mind. The monitoring dashboards and decision support capabilities used by healthcare providers to manage COVID-19 can be applied to any other venue of care, specialty and disease profile. Alcidion has extensive experience in different use cases of our technology before COVID-19, which puts us in the best position to bring a standard implementation practice to your organisation.

For many years, our healthcare system has been struggling with the shift to value-based care and models of care which are focused on prevention via prediction. Now, healthcare organisations are starting to look at how they can use technology to expand their scope of delivery and consider what underlying technology and support requirements are necessary to sustain these services over time.

Our Miya Precision platform provides the ability to do just that, at scale. The scope of the solution addresses key clinical workflows with a focus on CDS and proactive management of the patient. This capability introduces efficiencies and supports alignment with local best practice thus reducing clinical variation.

About Alcidion

Alcidion is a leading Australian health informatics company enabling health service transformation across more than 200 hospitals and health services in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  Alcidion designs, develops and deploys unique software solutions to health services as well as provides skilled healthcare IT expertise to the planning, implementation and support requirements of healthcare organisations. Our sole focus is to provide solutions and services to the healthcare sector.

Steve Lutz is General Manager of Business Development for Australia and New Zealand at Alcidion