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Ripple Effect of Patient Flow in Healthcare: An Independent Study on The Benefits of Miya Flow

Nick White, Alcidion Chief Marketing Officer

In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Nick White, Chief Marketing Officer at Alcidion provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential embedded within modern patient flow systems in healthcare.

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Tackling Patient Flow Bottlenecks

Feeling the pressure of access block? See how electronic patient journey boards are making a difference.

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A sit down with Dr Paul Deffley on the topic of digital solutions for the NHS

Alcidion Chief Medical Officer, Dr Paul Deffley, spoke to the Editor of Building Better Healthcare, Sophie Bullimore, about the main issues affecting the digital transformation of the NHS

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Enhancing patient care through result tracking and management

Paul Deffley on Talking HealthTech Podcast

In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Paul Deffley, UK Chief Medical Officer at Alcidion discusses how technology, particularly focused on managing test results, can elevate the standard of care provided by health services.

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NHS Lanarkshire trials Alcidion’s Patientrack digital patient observation system in ED

NHS Lanarkshire has tested Alcidion’s Patientrack to help determine how ill patients are when they arrive at the emergency department and prioritise their treatment accordingly.

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Is ‘smart health tech’ solving the right problems for the NHS?

smart hospitals

We need to focus on solving the right problems with technology, and facilitate better conditions, in order to improve smart healthcare adoption at scale in the NHS, writes Dr Paul Deffley, chief medical officer for Alcidion.

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An independent study shows the ‘ripple effect’ of benefits from adopting a patient flow management solution 

electronic patient journey boards

An independent study of the implementation of Alcidion’s Miya Precision at Alfred Health has identified a wide range of benefits attributed to the adoption of electronic patient journey boards to facilitate inpatient clinical workflows.  

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Alcidion’s chief medical officer Paul Deffley and healthcare consultant Amanda Thornton on success with patient flow

Paul and Amanda share their thoughts on patient flow, including examples of successful projects, practical tips for NHS organisations preparing for winter, and what ‘great’ looks like.

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Study led by UHSussex colleagues shows digital comfort checks improve quality of end-of-life care

Several customers across the UK have made use of Alcidion’s reconfigured Patientrack solution to provide palliative care symptom management.

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Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust implements Alcidion’s Miya Precision Platform to combat bed management and patient flow challenges

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust has successfully implemented Alcidion’s Miya Precision platform to streamline bed management workflow across seven community hospitals in Worcestershire. The trust delivers community nursing and therapy services within the county, as well as being the main provider of mental health and learning disability services across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  The […]

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Alcidion and Novari Health forge strategic partnership to advance patient flow management

The strategic partnership between Alcidion and Novari enhances the opportunity for our customers to liberate data, drive operational efficiencies, and reduce waiting times across the care continuum.

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CEO Emma Hossack discusses MSIA & government engagement, sharing by default, and Alcidion’s partnership with Leidos

A recent Health Services Daily article titled “Third degree with MSIA CEO Emma Hossack,” provides insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the Australian medical software sector, from the perspective of Emma Hossack, CEO of the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA).

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