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Alcidion’s Digital Health Leap

Hear from Alcidion CEO Kate Quirke on ausbiz discuss the latest contract extension with South Tees Hospital Foundation Trust, worth $23 million.

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Digital Health: The Role of Digital Flow Systems in Optimising for Winter

Hear from a panel of experts from across the healthcare spectrum who have had key roles in commissioning, developing, or implementing digital flow solutions across a range of settings.

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Bridging Academia and Industry: UTS Student, Jessica Wilson’s Internship with Alcidion  

At Alcidion, we value creativity and innovation. One way we bring these values to life is our partnership with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as a sponsor for their Bachelor of Information Technology Scholarship (BIT). 

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Alcidion signs contract extension with South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for Electronic Patient Record

Alcidion has signed a contract extension with South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for an additional 8 years for the Miya Precision Electronic Patient Record (EPR) including the electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) module from Better. This takes the contract period to 10 years (to 2033) with 2 years remain on the existing contract.  South […]

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Every Second Counts

The world of healthcare is evolving. At Alcidion, we’re playing our part. Every day, we help healthcare organisations to embrace smart technology, unlock new insights and drive innovation.

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Perfecting Patient Flow & Optimising Hospital Operations

In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Nick White and Kaye Hocking from Alcidion provided valuable insights into the challenges and solutions for improving patient care and streamlining healthcare journeys.  Understanding Patient Flow and Optimising Patient Experience Patient flow plays a crucial role in managing care delivery for individual patients and across the healthcare enterprise, […]

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Miya Precision – A Modern Modular EPR at South Tees

South Tees deployed Alcidion’s Miya Precision to lighten the burden faced by clinical staff, reducing time spent on manual processes using impressive clinical decision support tools.

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Reducing record hospital wait times that cost Australian lives

In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Kate Quirke from Alcidion and Martin Moszczynski from Olinqua discuss their collaboration to tackle some challenges that hospitals face. By using real-time data and technology, they plan to simplify hospital automation, aiming to enhance processes and patient outcomes. Meet the Partners Olinqua, founded by Martin Moszczynski, deals with hospital automation to […]

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Smartpage – Beyond the Pager

Smartpage is an advanced smartphone and web-based system for hospital communication and task management, addressing the requirements of both clinical and non-clinical users.

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Smarter Solutions Built For You

Alcidion helps healthcare organisations harness the power of technology to create a clinically relevant environment with digitally enabled care. Our tailored platforms leverage clinical decision support, artificial intelligence and real-time visualisation to provide smart health informatics for safer delivery of care.  

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