Bridging Academia and Industry: UTS Student, Jessica Wilson’s Internship with Alcidion  

At Alcidion, we value creativity and innovation. Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives to the table. From seasoned experts in healthcare technology to interns with fresh insights, we aim to build a collaborative environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. 

Empowering the Next Generation of IT and Business 

One way we bring these values to life is our partnership with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as a sponsor for their Bachelor of Information Technology Scholarship (BIT). This degree is a fast-track course designed to mentor the next generation of IT and business leaders. Students in this program complete two six-month industry placements where they can apply their coursework to a real-world setting and learn on the job. Alcidion had the pleasure of working with Jessica Wilson, a UTS BIT student with a special interest in computer programming. 

Jess started her Bachelor’s degree at UTS in 2022 and enrolled in courses geared towards her interest in programming, such as Project Management, Software Development, and Database and Network Fundamentals. In July 2022, she had the opportunity to choose her first industry placement and selected Alcidion. 

“I could see the positive, real-world impacts Alcidion was producing for healthcare. While I wasn’t quite sure which industry I wanted to pursue for my future career, I knew I wanted to be in an environment where I felt like I was making a difference.”    

Interning at Alcidion

Jess officially joined the team as our Technical and Support Services Intern. Over the next six months, she was exposed to several areas of the business and became an integral member of multiple departments. 

In the first three months, Jess supported the integrations team, focusing on how to adapt Alcidion’s software to work with the unique protocols and requirements of each customer. During this time, Jess became very familiar with Mirth! Her comprehensive documentation of the cross-platform interface engine not only served as a valuable resource for the team but will also be a key reference point for onboarding new team members.  

Figure 1. Diagram created by Jess to depict how different channels in Mirth work. 

For the next phase of her internship, Jess joined the support team where she triaged issues and tickets – prioritising and categorising them based on urgency. She also created a matrix of customer information which includes the solutions implemented, the timeline of their deployment, and tickets resolved. 

“Working across departments at Alcidion allowed me to refine my skills in familiar areas and take on new challenges. As a liaison between departments, I had to be creative in my delivery of projects and ensure it met the expectations of multiple people with different interests.” 

While Jess’s six-month unpaid industry placement ended last year, she has remained with the Alcidion team through 2023 in paid employment, working as an Application Support Officer on a casual basis. In this role, she has honed her customer interaction skills by actively collaborating with the team to address customer inquiries and tickets. 

The Future is Cybersecurity 

Working at Alcidion exposed Jess to the complexities of healthcare’s digital infrastructure and the potential vulnerabilities in the absence of necessary precautions. As a result, Jess has developed a newfound interest in cybersecurity and is looking to pursue a future career path in this discipline. 

“My time at Alcidion has not only refined my technical skills but has also ignited a passion for cybersecurity. As digital healthcare continues to expand, more data is produced, and those systems and environments become more and more complex. This means the field of cybersecurity has to keep up with the innovations of the rest of the industry to maintain the security and integrity of our healthcare systems. This is what excites me.”