Celebrating women in digital health

On #IWD2023, Alcidion celebrates the enormous contribution women bring to the STEM space. We are proud to work with and support programs that deliver opportunities for women to expand their professional development and enhance the collaboration of women in digital health.

Congratulations to Alcidion’s Anna Joseph and Renee Schofield on being accepted into the 2023 AIDH Women in Digital Health (WIDH) program. Get to know Anna and Renee below:


Anna Joseph joined Alcidion in 2022 as Delivery Lead for Integration as part of the Technical Services Team. Her focus is interoperability and integration across all Alcidion solution offerings and products.

What do you enjoy about working at Alcidion? Having a manager who is a mentor and a very supportive team. Ever since I joined Alcidion, nine months ago, I could quickly identify with my colleagues and feel part of the Alcidion family. I enjoy the balance of work, high professionalism and empathy that has been constant through all my interactions so far.

With over 18 years of experience in health IT, with a background in ICT, interoperability, and healthcare interfacing; Anna has a vested interest in looking at clinical workflows, understanding the complexity of clinical practice, and problem-solving.

What do you hope to achieve from your participation in the Program? I hope to sharpen my skills to lead myself and those around me towards excellence. Am also excited to know and learn from a group of women having different perspectives and experiences in the digital health space.

Anna has a passion to contribute to a positive change in the quality, safety, and cost of patient care with the application of digital health initiatives to improve clinical outcomes.

What impact will the adoption of digital health solutions have on healthcare delivery? Digital health solutions can be used as a powerful tool to empower healthcare delivery teams with timely information to support care. It can significantly impact clinical outcomes by improving the quality, safety and cost of care.


Renee Schofield is a Senior Project Manager, responsible for project delivery across the Alcidion suite of products and services. Currently Renee is leading the delivery of the Alcidion product for the Commonwealth Department of Defence Health Knowledge Management Solution.

What do you enjoy about working at Alcidion?

Alcidion is an impactful team full of amazing people working together – I love watching the innovative ideas coming together for our healthcare clients. I enjoy working in digital healthcare, being part of the implementation of the creative ideas and seeing the difference digital health technology can make on the ground for clinical teams.  

Renee has a background across rural and metro health in Health information Management, Data Management, Quality Improvement and has led successful implementations of digital projects from both the health service and supplier perspectives.

What do you hope to achieve from your participation in the Program?

I hope to learn from all the other outstanding participants on how we can better make an impact in our own ways on the digital health landscape. I want to be able to learn how to lead more strategically, making a difference within Alcidion and its culture, with the view to this providing better outcomes for our clients, the end users of healthcare technology.

Having worked in healthcare for over 20 years, Renee is passionate about working on programs to improve outcomes for clinicians and patients through digital initiatives. Renee enjoys using her previous diverse experience across healthcare sectors to engage stakeholders to achieve successful digital change.

What impact will the adoption of digital health solutions have on healthcare delivery?

Well-designed digital health solutions impact the clinical teams working on the ground to streamline and support their clinical workflows, improve efficiency in health care settings and can ensure the improved patient safety. Clinician burnout is an issue, and if through technology, Alcidion can reduce some of that through our technologies, along with utilising the rich tapestry of data available to help in decision making and all the other benefits digital health bring, it will benefit us all.