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Get to know our team – Senior Sales Executive Dallon London

Alcidion’s strength lies in its people. It is through the success of our people that the company continues to grow and do great things. As part of this, we would like to introduce you to new staff members who are bringing new ideas, perspectives and experiences to our teams, and our customers.

First up – Dallon London, a Senior Sales Executive based in Brisbane.

Hi Dallon! Tell us a little bit about yourself

My background is in commercial management and I held various leadership roles in marketing, sales and operations, before transitioning into health information technology. Most recently, I was responsible for global sales at DoseMe, where I helped grow the client base to 100 sites across six continents, resulting in the acquisition by US-based Tabula Rasa.

What do you do at Alcidion?

Our teams within the Alcidion Group, including MKM Health, Patientrack and Smartpage, are often so busy delivering solutions for our customers, that they don’t always have the opportunity to reach out to new customers and talk about how we can help them. Sometimes even existing customers aren’t aware of the new or additional ways that we can help them.

My role is to connect with people and organisations working in our healthcare environment, and get a better understanding about their goals, challenges, where we can assist, and then connect them to the right Alcidion team member. So far, the responses have been extremely positive.

Why did you choose to work at Alcidion?

I saw the Chief Medical Officer, Malcolm Pradhan, speak at a number of industry events around Australia on the unique capabilities that Alcidion brings to the global environment, and was extremely impressed. From working with hospitals in several countries, I understand that their needs and their patients’ needs are only increasing and are universally present in health systems across the world.

I subsequently worked with the Alcidion and MKM Health team members on an innovation project and was impressed with their deep health expertise, along with their highly collaborative approach to both customers and partners. The innovative solutions, services and approaches that Alcidion uses will make a tremendous difference to the quality and efficiency of healthcare in the coming years, and I am delighted to have joined the team to play a role in facilitating that impact.

What interesting projects are you working on?

There are so many. In particular are our conversations with a number of health services about how we can enable them to leverage the AI capabilities of our Miya Precision platform, to help them measure and improve coding integrity in real-time, and close the communication loop around coding validation, using unique mobile solutions.

The impact that we can have with our secure messaging solutions is also interesting. Clinicians can experience the positive impact of EMRs, being able to return up to 20 minutes per hour to those clinicians so they can spend it on patient care or other clinical priorities, ultimately improving patient care and workforce productivity.

What makes you most excited about the healthcare industry?

I love the drive, energy and commitment of people working in health IT to make a genuine difference to patient outcomes as well as their workforce. Our suite of unique solutions and services help address so many of these needs in a smart and effective way and seeing peoples’ eyes light up when we explain how we can address their particular need, is incredibly exciting and rewarding.

One interesting fact about yourself?

I once played Anna in the musical, the King and I – those days are well behind me. I also enjoy hiking and have completed the Milford and Routeburn Tracks on New Zealand’s South Island.