Get to know our team – General Manager People, Place & Culture Amanda James

As the workplace becomes increasingly digital, people matter more than ever. This week we’re excited to welcome Amanda James, our new General Manager of People, Place & Culture, to the team. In this newly created role, Amanda will work with our executive team to continue to foster a work environment that helps our people flourish and where ideas can fizzle and spark into life. We spoke to Amanda about her new role and the importance of building, communicating and connecting a company’s core values.

Amanda James General Manager

Hi Amanda! Can you tell us about your career in Human Resources?

For two decades I’ve worked with global organisations to implement business transformation initiatives, improve the effectiveness of their workforce and to create lasting, differentiated company values. From working across a variety of cutting-edge industries such as business IT, CleanTech and digital marketing, I understand the importance of creating and cultivating people-centric organisations for business success.

What will be your role and key responsibilities at Alcidion?

As General Manager of People, Place & Culture at Alcidion, I will work closely with the executive team to develop robust employee programs that support growth and wellbeing, both in the workplace and at home, and support the company’s strategic business objectives.

I look forward to working closely with the different teams across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, to understand how we can continue to ensure people feel valued and cared for, to help increase engagement across the organisation.

How can a company bring its core values to life?

 By taking the time to communicate your values and allowing your teams to personalise them. Every employee needs to understand what living these values means and how to bring them into everyday behaviour. Storytelling is an important component of this – everyone enjoys a good story and sharing our experiences makes values real for people.

Companies could do this by asking employees to identify personal stories that represent each value and to share these examples during performance conversations, staff briefings and even in the recruitment process to articulate its desired culture.

What makes you most excited about working at Alcidion?

Values alignment is very important to me. From a people and culture perspective, Alcidion’s commitment to improving patient outcomes makes for a compelling value proposition, as employees are united toward a shared business objective that has a human side, balanced with commercial success.

I also believe that Alcidion is poised to disrupt a sector that’s ripe for innovation and new ways of working. I am looking forward to being part of something exciting where I can add value and continue to grow.

Diversity of the Board and leadership team is another thing I look at when researching potential employers. I am proud to be part of an organisation with a positive, inclusive culture, with women in key leadership roles.