How Alcidion’s solutions align with your healthcare IT needs

One year has passed since we introduced the new Alcidion brand, our vibrant logo and updated website.

Our conversations with healthcare organisations continue to highlight their evolving needs, as more providers migrate to value-based models of care and address broader population health challenges.

As we evolve alongside our customers, we thought it appropriate to revisit the product and brand messaging on our website to reflect these discussions.

Here is a summary of the updates we have made and how they aim to help you gain a better understanding of Alcidion’s solutions for healthcare.

Our market positioning

Alcidion’s products don’t always neatly fit into one of the “boxes” of categorisation generally used in healthcare IT, such as EMR, EPR or PAS. So, we have decided to provide more information on our products and services and the significant value they can deliver.

This was recently explained in the UK where we introduced the concept of the “smart clinical asset” to describe the overarching benefits of our solution beyond the traditional healthcare IT products and solutions.

In this context, we can support you from multiple perspectives:

1. Providing a smart, interoperable and clinically aligned view of your consolidated data that optimises your investment in existing systems
2. Delivering real-time insights to support clinical care through active clinical decision support and meaningful notifications
3. Orchestrating care delivery across organisational boundaries and care settings to establish a longitudinal view of the patient’s record of care
4. Bringing mobile access to the complete patient record to clinicians wherever and whenever it is needed

Adopting our CMO Malcolm Pradhan’s explanation of our strategy, “We want to make the easiest thing to do, the right thing to do”.

Our video below provides an overview of the approach and how we’re uniquely positioned to help.

Our products

We realised that we were hiding one of our greatest assets – our products. Our new product pages are designed to provide you with greater insight into the broad range of capabilities available across our core products, Miya Precision, Patientrack and Smartpage.

Aligning with our future direction, our Patientrack solution is now incorporated as product modules within the Miya product portfolio and will be referred to as “Miya Observations” and “Miya Assessments”. Patientrack is certainly not going away; these modules will reflect how its capabilities align with our overall product strategy.

Our product capabilities are now broken down into “product modules”. Each module starts with “Miya” or “Smartpage” for branding consistency and has clinical and operational filters to help you choose the module most relevant to your needs.

For example, previously we talked about our “Hospital at a Glance” or the HaaG capability in conjunction with Miya Flow. Now, HaaG will become known as “Miya Command” to describe its ability to assist with operational oversight.

This approach highlights the breadth of our solution, ranging from our foundation capabilities in Miya Flow and Miya Access, through to our latest releases: Miya Memory, our mobile clinical app (previously known as Miya MEMRe); and Miya Language, our natural language processing module.

Our Smartpage solution will have its own product category and remain as “Smartpage” to reflect its messaging and task management capabilities and hosted method of delivery.

Each module page has links to relevant case-studies, news articles and information on the key benefits you will realise through implementation of the product. We have also provided technical information on our product architecture and approach to integration, security and interoperability.

Our ongoing commitment

Through our refreshed website and product framework, we are committed to ensuring you and your organisation have all the information you need to find the right solution for your needs.

We love to share our customer Success Stories as they bring our mission to life and invite you to view these to learn how other healthcare organisations have partnered with Alcidion.

You can also stay up to date with the latest news from Alcidion via our Latest news page.

Your feedback is important to us so please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions or would like to learn more about how we can support your organisation.