How we’re making remote working fun for our employees

UK Bonnets

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses – including ours – to rapidly transition to a remote work environment. For the foreseeable future, remote is the new normal for most of the world.

This abrupt shift in the way we work can present many challenges. It can be more difficult to service customer needs, keep isolated employees engaged and to maintain a strong company culture virtually.

Being a technology company with people distributed across three countries and with most of our work for clients already conducted remotely, we’ve had time to hone our virtual team building game.

We’ve learned how to add some fun throughout the day that brings our teams closer together while simultaneously improving the way we work, collaborate and communicate together.

This Easter, we challenged our employees to create the ultimate Easter bonnet. As it turns out, isolation breeds creativity and we received “artistic masterpieces” from employees (and their families) all over the world. Check out all the imaginative entries below.

Congratulations to our regional winners – Grant Guo from the Southern Region, Dallon London from the Northern Region and Simon Halstead from the UK and Stephen Ridley’s daughters in New Zealand. A special mention goes to Senior Consultant Deepak Gupta from Sydney for his coronavirus inspired Easter bonnet.

Teams were also challenged with a trivia competition. Test your knowledge with some of the trickier questions – see the answers at the end of the blog:

  • The idea of the Easter Bunny originated in what country?
  • According to a recent survey most people start eating chocolate Easter bunny from where?
  • Which Russian jewellery firm is famed for designing elaborate jewel-encrusted eggs?
  • What is an Australian alternative to the Easter Bunny?
Epic Easter bonnet courtesy of Stephen Ridley’s daughters and Deepak Gupta’s COVID-19 inspired bonnet

Winners 2

Regional winners Grant Guo and Simon Halstead
Winners 1
Easter Bonnets from the UK

UK Bonnets

Easter Bonnets from Australia

Australia Easter Bonnets

Easter Bonnets from New Zealand

NZ Bonnets


  • Germany, originating among German Lutherans
  • Ears
  • Faberge
  • Bilbies are native Australian marsupials that are endangered. To raise money and increase awareness of conservation efforts, bilby-shaped chocolates and related merchandise are sold within many stores throughout Australia as an alternative to Easter bunnies.