NHS Fife implements Patientrack across its community hospitals and paediatrics services

Alcidion has today signed an extension and renewal agreement with NHS Fife for an additional five-year term, extending the Board’s use of the electronic bedside monitoring system across the whole estate (minimum 10 hospitals).

NHS Fife is a regional hub in Scotland, serving a population of 370,000 residents. Under the expanded renewal agreement, NHS Fife will now deploy Patientrack across the whole estate, a minimum of ten hospitals including two main acute hospitals and a network of community and day hospitals, amounting to approximately 1342 beds.

The NHS Fife Board first trialled Patientrack in 2011 and was one of the early adopters of the technology and therefore represents one of Alcidion’s longest-serving customers. Since 2011 the Board has used Patientrack for electronic observations and charts, patient early warning scores, clinical alerts and a range of clinical assessments.

NHS Fife plans to build on the success it has had with Patientrack in its major acute hospitals, and move into rapid implementation of the solution across their Community hospitals and Paediatrics speciality.

Alcidion Group Managing Director Kate Quirke said, “We are delighted to be continuing our close partnership with NHS Fife, one of our foundation customers in the UK. This renewal demonstrates the longevity of our relationships with customers who have embedded our solutions into their clinical care, and how over time, they seek to build on the benefits achieved by expanding their deployment.

“Our partnership with NHS Fife has seen significant patient outcome benefits including a reduction of up to two thirds in cardiac arrests in its Medical Assessment Acute Unit within the first six months of Patientrack deployment into this unit and the introduction of one of the most clinically relevant safety huddles in Scotland.

“We are delighted to be supporting the delivery of NHS Fife’s clinical and technology strategy, as well as supporting NHS Scotland’s patient safety strategies and ambitions for the use of clinical, digital and information strategies.”