Our response to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock’s keynote address to the Healthtech Alliance

Alcidion notes a significant keynote address from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock to the Healthtech Alliance, on the future of technology in the National Health Service (NHS).

In response, Kate Quirke, Managing Director at Alcidion, said: “It is encouraging to see that the Department of Health and Social Care acknowledges that the NHS needs a new service model for the 21st century and that this model needs to make full use of better technology.”

“Our healthcare system is under increasing pressure. We are living longer with health problems that are getting more expensive to treat as investigations and treatments get more advanced. We can’t build four or five times the number of hospitals, so embracing new technologies and new models of care is essential to the sustainability of the healthcare system, to relieve the burden on doctors and nurses, and ultimately to deliver safer and better care to patients.”

“We believe that cutting-edge technologies are transcendent: they can help us fix the basics and can move us towards a new generation of solutions. Particularly in the enterprise system environment. Today, two thirds of all patient data held by hospital trusts is generated and held in disorganised form. Next-gen tools can enable clinicians to use mobile phones to directly record and access EPR data, automaton and algorithms can parse and process natural language to fill in health records, and artificial intelligence can identify patient anomalies and augment clinician decision-making. These new technologies can also help healthcare organisations build and innovate in a platform-based environment, transitioning to a health architecture that is open, interoperable and easily upgradable, to support the highest quality of care.”

“Alcidion is working with 17 NHS Trusts, to adopt new technology and digital systems in 39 hospitals across the UK. At Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, nurses use Alcidion’s early warning system Patientrack to record on mobile devices their patient vital signs, capture patient assessments, and alert clinicians automatically at the exact point where the patient is deteriorating. The Trust has not only improved patient outcomes, with cardiac arrests down by 75 per cent, but empowered nurses to influence and deliver digital leadership.”

“At Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, we’re introducing a range of technology platforms, including our Miya Precision Platform that will establish a FHIR based event platform of all clinical data.  These new technologies will interoperate seamlessly with the trust’s existing systems and include innovations such as natural language processing, patient flow, visualisation and AI for clinical decision support.  We’re also implementing OPENeP, an electronic prescribing and medications administration system produced by Better, to enhance how clinicians make decisions and support both operations and care delivery.”

“We are committed to working with, and supporting, the NHS to achieve its long-term vision to build a new digital health model and empower all stakeholders to lead that adoption. We’ll continue to do this by bringing technology that creates an environment that maximises patient safety, improves collaboration among staff and prevents unnecessary errors, leading to better patient outcomes.”