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Interoperability with Open Standards
Interoperability is critical for the future of healthcare and the desired continuum of care, yet it continues to be a challenge faced by healthcare providers worldwide. Advances in technology have made it possible to move healthcare data efficiently and securely from one system to the next. To achieve this, conventional…
Patient Safety
South Tees reaches e-prescribing milestone in EPR journey with Alcidion and Better Meds
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has taken the next step in its modern, modular electronic patient record (EPR) programme, having gone live with electronic prescribing and medication administration (ePMA) system Better Meds. The trust has deployed Better Meds to inpatient and outpatient areas, where it is already removing paper…
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Initiation and Planning – setting up for success
The theory behind project management and software delivery at Alcidion is well documented to ensure we take a consistent and proven approach to our client engagement.  Let us look at some practical activities that Alcidion encourages during the Initiation phase of an engagement to set our clients and ourselves up…
Patient Safety
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Alcidion part of consortium for Australian Defence Force digital health system
Alcidion part of consortium for Australian Defence Force digital health system Alcidion Group Limited has been selected as part of a global consortium to build a new Health Knowledge Management (HKM) system for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The HKM system will replace the ADF’s legacy electronic health record product…
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Webinar: 'Introducing a new kind of technology for the NHS: Alcidion’s Miya Precision platform'
On 4 September, Alcidion CEO Kate Quirke, alongside CMO Malcolm Pradhan, UK General Manager Lynette Ousby, and Neil Perry, Director of Digital
Clinical Decision Support
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Alcidion formally launches Miya Precision as a new kind of technology for the NHS
NHS organisations are being offered a new kind of technology that will advance digitalisation, alleviate the pressure faced by busy healthcare
Digital Health
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How to solve healthcare’s identity challenge
Patient identity matching is one of healthcare’s most perennial challenges Accurate medical records are crucial for the continuity of care of
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How Alcidion's solutions align with your healthcare IT needs
One year has passed since we introduced the new Alcidion brand, our vibrant logo and updated website Our conversations with healthcare
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Around the offices: How we are working amid COVID-19
We asked some of our team members in our offices across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to share their experiences on working remotely amid the
Patient Safety
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Mobile clinical communications improve clinician and patient experience
Reliable and secure communication between clinicians is a critical component of digitally integrated and coordinated care across the healthcare
Patient Safety
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NHS Lanarkshire to deploy Patientrack across entire board
Alcidion has signed an enterprise agreement with NHS Lanarkshire for a five-year term, enabling the health board to deploy Alcidion’s Patientrack
Out of Hospital & Virtual Care
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Murrumbidgee LHD signs contract for Miya Precision
Alcidion is pleased to announce it has signed two contracts with Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) to continue use of Alcidion’s Miya
Data & Analytics
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How to realise the significant value of your healthcare data
The data puzzle. The digitisation of health records through the adaptation of computerised systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
ePMA & Medication Management
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How to make electronic prescribing and medication administration a success
There is strong evidence on how electronic prescribing and medicines administration systems – also known as ePMA in the UK and a range of other
Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust
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Nursing the World to Health - International Nurses Day 2020
As the world combats a global health crisis, there is no better time to acknowledge and show gratitude for the men and women at the frontline of our
Out of Hospital & Virtual Care
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Alcidion’s Miya Solution for COVID-19 and Beyond
The coronavirus pandemic has placed immense pressure on global economies, policies and societies in general and its impact is no more apparent than

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