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Out of Hospital & Virtual Care
Insights, Patientrack
Report: COVID-19 digital assessments and live dashboards at acute NHS hospital sites
In the acute hospital setting, the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges to patient care, including accurate recognition of cases, confirmation of both testing requests and results, establishing patient acuity and alerting to deterioration. Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has published a report titled 'COVID-19 Recognition and Digital Risk Stratification' on…
Insights, Miya Precision
Miya Precision: A value driven alternate approach to the EMR
There are many varied parts of a typical healthcare organisation. In fact, a healthcare organisation is really a bunch of different, but partially connected, businesses that share the same building and carpark. From Patient Administration, Emergency and Pathology to Radiology, Pharmacy and Maternity - the list goes on! However, this…
Digital Health
Video, Webinars & Events
Webinar: 'Introducing a new kind of technology for the NHS: Alcidion’s Miya Precision platform'
On 4 September, Alcidion CEO Kate Quirke, alongside CMO Malcolm Pradhan, UK General Manager Lynette Ousby, and Neil Perry, Director of Digital Transformation at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, hosted a webinar with Digital Health News, introducing Miya Precision as a new kind of technology for the NHS. Watch the…
Clinical Decision Support
Miya Precision, News
Alcidion formally launches Miya Precision as a new kind of technology for the NHS
NHS organisations are being offered a new kind of technology that will advance digitalisation, alleviate the pressure faced by busy healthcare professionals and orchestrate digital strategies across regions. A new type of technology for the NHS is expected to help re-energise the healthcare IT market, following the formal UK launch…

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