Report: COVID-19 digital assessments and live dashboards at acute NHS hospital sites

Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation

In the acute hospital setting, the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges to patient care, including accurate recognition of cases, confirmation of both testing requests and results, establishing patient acuity and alerting to deterioration.

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has published a report titled ‘COVID-19 Recognition and Digital Risk Stratification‘ on its experience introducing Alcidion’s digital COVID-19 assessment tool with an associated live dashboard at two acute NHS hospitals.

For several years, the Trust has used Alcidion’s electronic observations solution Patientrack to detect conditions such as malnutrition and dementia. Patientrack was utilised to rapidly produce a mandatory COVID-19 assessment to be completed by nursing staff at the point of admission to hospital, produced in consultation with its microbiology and infection control team.

In the report, the Trust describes how Alcidion’s simple digital COVID-19 assessment solution has provided its clinical teams and hospital management with up-to-date information during a rapidly changing clinical situation.

Alcidion is currently working with 307 hospitals around the world to help care teams detect risks early and promote early intervention. Learn more about how our solutions can support early intervention and early treatment for COVID-19 and beyond via our recent blog.