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Alcidion and Taranaki DHB pilot first Better Meds eMedicine system in the Southern Hemisphere

Taranaki District Health Board’s Hāwera Hospital has launched its pilot for the Better Meds eMedicine system, trialling the system across the Emergency Department, inpatient wards and maternity unit until the end of January 2022. Alcidion partnered with Taranaki District Health Board to pilot Better’s secure eMedicine system, Better Meds, which provides a clear overview of […]

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How Better’s Electronic Medication Management solution integrates with Alcidion’s products

Better Meds is a closed-loop medication management system developed to replace paper-based processes for reconciliation, prescribing, pharmacist review and medication administration. Impressed by the capability and recognising a significant opportunity in the market, Alcidion partnered with Better in 2019 to resell their Better Meds solution in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Since then, […]

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