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Reducing record hospital wait times that cost Australian lives

In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Kate Quirke from Alcidion and Martin Moszczynski from Olinqua discuss their collaboration to tackle some challenges that hospitals face. By using real-time data and technology, they plan to simplify hospital automation, aiming to enhance processes and patient outcomes. Meet the Partners Olinqua, founded by Martin Moszczynski, deals with hospital automation to […]

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Alcidion and Olinqua partner to reduce record hospital wait times that cost Australian lives

Over the last five years, presentations to emergency departments (ED) across Australia have risen by 2.3% each year. Congestion has hit record highs, with close to 40% of patients waiting more than four hours – the worst performance on record for 20 years. For unplanned admissions from ED into a hospital bed, average wait time […]

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How to get patients flowing: 12 uses of AI to unblock hospitals 

There is a great deal of focus given to the use of explainable AI in diagnostic applications, supporting clinicians in improving both the accuracy of diagnosis and in the speed to arrive at a diagnosis. A recent article titled ‘The AI will see you now’ published in the Wall Street Journal highlights the power of […]

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