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My personal experience managing COVID with Miya Care

Miraculously, despite many close calls, I had managed to dodge COVID over the past two years… until a month ago! After an outing with friends, the tell-tale signs of a cough were present and with a bright red line on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) my illness was confirmed. I happened to be working on

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Initiation and Planning – setting up for success

The theory behind project management and software delivery at Alcidion is well documented to ensure we take a consistent and proven approach to our client engagement.  Let us look at some practical activities that Alcidion encourages during the Initiation phase of an engagement to set our clients and ourselves up for success. As part of

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International Women’s Day – Supporting women in digital health

Late last year, Alcidion partnered with the Australian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) to support the Women in Digital Health Leadership (WiDH) Program. The inaugural program supports women in digital health to reach their aspirations and goals via professional development activities and courses while building a community of connection with other women in the industry.

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Improving Health System Efficiency with Command Centres

Health system performance is always in focus as the demand on healthcare services continues to grow. This will be amplified over the next decade as the baby boomer generation (born between 1946-1964) start to reach their 80s. The COVID 19 pandemic has introduced another substantial demand shock to the system. With increased hospitalisations at the

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Virtual and Remote Care – The Digital Solution

As technology adoption evolves in healthcare, opportunities to reinvigorate the way we provide care expand. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digitally-enabled methods of care, demonstrating that technology facilitates safer patient outcomes and addresses multiple challenges. It has long been recognised that patients recuperate better at home than in hospital. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for chronic and

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Evidenced Based Project Management

Implementing software in a healthcare environment is complex. A few months ago, I shared some of the key factors for a successful software implementation. In this blog I will focus on another vitally important ingredient – Project Management. Project management processes come in many flavours, some that have recent popularity with our customers include PRINCE2

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Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation

Implementing Software solutions

I have always been curious when visiting healthcare organisations either in a professional, patient or carer capacity, what software are they using, do their people enjoy the experience and what struggles they may be having? To be honest, I probably have asked far too many questions. I have seen the same software used in multiple

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How Better’s Electronic Medication Management solution integrates with Alcidion’s products

Better Meds is a closed-loop medication management system developed to replace paper-based processes for reconciliation, prescribing, pharmacist review and medication administration. Impressed by the capability and recognising a significant opportunity in the market, Alcidion partnered with Better in 2019 to resell their Better Meds solution in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Since then,

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Five ways to improve patient care in the emergency department

The emergency department (ED) is designed for rapid patient care, quickly prioritising and responding to each emergency case arriving at the hospital. But many emergency departments in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand (and other parts of the world) are stretched with limited staff and growing demands. A major opportunity exists to enhance technology

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Inside mission control: Monklands

Alcidion’s Patientrack software is at the heart of a futuristic command centre that is transforming patient care in the Lanarkshire hospital. You wouldn’t expect a hospital that was built over 40 years ago to be described as something akin to NASA. But chief nurse Karen Goudie can barely contain her excitement about a futuristic mission-control

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A year in review for the healthcare industry

Alcidion Year In Review

2020 has brought more change and challenges than many could have imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated lives and livelihoods across the world, with hospitals and frontline healthcare workers pushed to capacity. Healthcare organisations rose to the challenge and demonstrated enormous resilience and adaptability, finding new ways to provide the best possible care to patients

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The future of digital health: Orchestrating care

The move to remote working has brought with it some unexpected benefits, such as spending more time with my family, doing up the house and being reacquainted with unfamiliar household machinery like the washing machine. Most surprisingly, it has afforded me more quiet time to just pause and think. While taking the time to ponder

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