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From the desk of the CEO

Alcidion began with a simple question: how can we make healthcare better by applying a clinical risk management approach? The quest to continuously improve healthcare by helping clinicians identify and act upon risks is the beating heart of Alcidion, and our answers to this question are visible in everything we do.

As the former Chairman and Chief Executive of the South Australian Health Commission and the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council, I am passionate about delivering safer, faster and more effective patient care.

Fifteen years ago, I co-founded Alcidion with Professor Malcolm Pradhan as a health informatics business focused on clinical decision support tools to help clinicians & care team members achieve this objective.

Today, Alcidion is a leading provider of intelligent informatics for high performance healthcare that empowers clinicians with decision support tools to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients. By providing clinicians with decision support tools and making recommendations about patient care, patient flow and patient safety, organisational efficiency may be optimised and key clinical risks eliminated.

Alcidion’s solutions target key problems for Emergency Rooms, Inpatient Services and Outpatient Departments and are built upon a next generation health informatics platform, which incorporates an intelligent EMR, Clinical Decision Support Engine & Electronic Smartforms.

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Investing in e-health: people, knowledge and technology for a healthy future


The movement of patients through the hospital is critical to enable timely access to safe and efficient patient care and for producing optimal patient outcomes. At Western Health, a large metropolitan health service in Melbourne, an opportunity was identified to implement Miya Patient Flow, an e-health guidance system that sits above the many separate hospital IT systems, and brings together relevant patient information into a single, holistic view.

During the commissioning of Miya Patient Flow it became apparent that a further opportunity existed to improve the management of bed capacity and demand through the deployment of Miya Access – A software module that would support effective and timely patient access across the service. The purpose of Miya Access is to provide a real-time view of bed capacity and demand, at a glance on a mobile device anywhere across the health service.

The system is designed to optimise the patient placement process, improve bed utilisation, maximise safe patient throughput and improve hospital efficiency. Information is available via a mobile device; meaning bed managers are not tied to a desk to access key bed capacity information.

Bed capacity and demand information is pushed to staff across the service: in the wards, in the ED and on mobile devices. The key differentiator for Miya Access is its ability to monitor the various IT systems for changes that effect patient flow and push this information to the staff who need to respond. It integrates key information about the patient journey via the Miya Patient Flow Platform and improves the visibility of actual bed capacity and demand across the service.

Technology Brief
Development of Miya Access involved the development and commissioning of the following features:

  1. Real time ward, patient, and bed state information to reduce capacity related follow-up phone calls, physical checking of wards: includes information such as pending admissions, transfers and discharges, infection control issues, flex/ surge bed capacity.
  2. Dissemination of accurate discharge states (and reasons for delays) via mobile devices, Patient Journey Boards and Clinical Portals.
  3. An ED overview to gauge demand and promote the responsiveness of wards to “pull” patients from ED.
  4. Real-time signalling of changes that affect capacity and demand, such as new bed requests, patient non-arrivals, cancellations of confirmed discharges, etc to support rapid identification of options and resolution of access blocks.

Miya Access includes the Alcidion Patient Journey Intelligence Engine, which provides:

  • Data gathering and intelligence synthesis.
  • Key events handling, monitoring and escalation.
  • Pushing of key patient journey intelligence and management options to key decision makers.

Implementation Processes
Implementation of Miya Access has occurred in the context of the broader Miya Patient Flow project at Western Health. A Project Control Board that has overseen each aspect of the project has provided project governance. In order to understand user requirements, implementation activities have included: documentation of current workflows; tracking of staff; understanding paperwork flows; user workshops and staff surveys. User engagement has been ongoing.

Throughout the Miya Patient Flow project, many lessons have been learned regarding engagement, communication and project governance. In order to understand user requirements, implementation activities have included: documentation of current workflows; tracking of staff; understanding paperwork flows; user workshops and staff surveys. User engagement has been ongoing.

Effective bed management plays a crucial role in ensuring that patient’s receive the right care in the clinically appropriate time frame. The lack of an effective electronic bed management system at Western Health identified as a key block in the appropriate management of patient access.

Miya Access provides visibility and transparency to the patient journey from the perspective of access management, improving the process of managing the patient journey through hospital by increasing the visibility of the patient journey. Miya Access will present real-time information about capacity and demand across the health service providing all staff with the information they need to best manage both elective and emergency patient access.

Miya Patient Flow in action at Western Health.

Patient Flow Conference (19th & 20th May 2015) Oaks on Market Hotel, Melbourne


Hospitals from around the country are struggling to provide patients with an appropriate and timely level of care. A whole of Hospital approach impacts positively upon patient flow, demand management and access to care by supporting the entire patient journey.

This conference will explore International and National case studies, building a platform for knowledge sharing to improve patient flow within Australia’s hospitals.

Benefits of attending

  • Strengthen governance through effective communication & collaboration
  • Improve processes through clinical service redesign
  • Utilise technology & data to drive the patient journey

Colton Miller
Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
Nationally ranked USA hospital

Taylor Carter
Director of Nursing & Midwifery

Martin Keogh
Acting Chief Operating Officer

Dr Ian Scott
Director, Department of Internal
Medicine & Clinical Epidemiology

Buzza joins board of Alcidion Corporation

Perth Based technology entrepreneur, Nathan Buzza today announced that he had joined the board of Alcidion Pty Ltd, a leading edge health informatics company specializing in Clinical Decision Support.

Buzza was well known for his CommtechWireless business, which developed clinical middleware solutions that were deployed globally. In 2008, Buzza divested CommtechWireless to Amcom Software, which was acquired by USA Mobility for $USD163.8m. Most recently, Buzza had announced his divestment of Azure Healthcare (ASX:AZV), a manufacturer of nursecall and clinical workflow solutions.

“I am extremely excited to be coming on board with Alcidion. After spending the last two decades in the clinical middleware space, I have had the opportunity to review countless software platforms and without a doubt, the Alcidion platform represents one of the most significant innovations in Clinical Decision Support that I have seen over this time.

The entire team at Alcidion should be commended on developing a world class solution and I am looking forward to commercializing the platform.

Alcidion’s Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Alcidion, Professor Malcolm Pradhan holds a PhD from Stanford University in Medical Informatics and was recently the clinical lead for the National e-Health Transition Authority as is considered a global authority on Clinical Decision Support. Professor Pradhan commented “Health care will be unsustainable due to generational changes with a three to four times increase in complex patients – the only viable solution to develop a sustainable health care environment requires that health IT play an integral role in health care delivery.

Alcidion’s Chief Executive and former Chair of the SA Health Commission, Mr Ray Blight commented “Health care is primarily about risk management: Detection, monitoring and mitigation. An informatics platform should play a more active role in assisting clinicians. Over the past decade, Alcidion has invested millions of dollars into developing a world class solution and we extremely excited about commercializing the platform”

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