Patient Flow

Creating a safer, more efficient patient journey

A 360-degree live view of your hospital

Things change fast in a hospital. A good performing ward can quickly become blocked, readmissions can increase and patient wait times can soar, creating issues in safety, efficiency and performance. Being able to predict or see these changes as they happen allows you to take action, instantly. Miya Patient Flow, our real-time patient journey and bed management solution, provides full visibility of your hospital for simple care coordination, risk and task management, at every level.


Real-time intelligence

Make better, faster decisions at both clinical and operational level with information at your fingertips.

Integrate your data

Built on Miya Precision, our open standards platform that leverages FHIR, so you can unleash the power in your data.

Increase clinical productivity

Give clinicians fast access to the information they care about with specialty specific dashboards and mobile.

Bed management made easy

Improve hospital efficiency and utilisation of resources with real-time metrics that take the guesswork out of planning and tracking patient journeys. With Miya Patient Flow you can see who is coming, going or staying in one view, with Hospital at a Glance, making it simple and fast to see the information that matters, such as:
  • Ward occupancy and capacity
  • Outliers from other specialities
  • Patients occupying unresourced beds
  • Expected discharges
  • Extended length of stay
  • Expected ward admissions

Dashboards that meet all your clinical and operational needs

Give your clinical and operations staff the information that they need to deliver the best patient care with specialty specific dashboards, ward snapshots and hospital overviews. Our unique drag and drop functionality allows you to control what metrics you see, so you have visibility of the relevant information needed to ensure the best possible patient outcome.

Hospital Operations Centre

Quickly review performance across each ward, specialty and ED. The ward snapshot shows key statistics such as occupancy, outliers and real-time tracking of actual vs expected discharge.

Hospital at a Glance

Know what is happening across your hospital in a single view. Hospital at a Glance highlights key metrics such as patients with extended lengths of stay and those without a discharge date, so you can quickly identify where blockages may appear.

Ward and Speciality Dashboards

Display the current state of a ward, specialty unit or ED with configurable dashboards that can be customised to show the relevant information, in real-time, for that specific area.

Analytics that add value to patient care

Miya Patient Flow is built on Precision, Alcidion’s next generation health analytics platform which is based on FHIR and open standards. Miya Precision comes with thousands of pre-configured metrics across hospital operations, patient information, clinical risk and specialty specific metrics that can easily be embedded into clinical workflows. This powerful platform takes our patient flow solution to the next level with real-time information, at the point of care, giving not just clinical staff but operations staff the ability to make the right decision, at the right time to deliver the best care, hospital wide.

Find out how Alcidion can help you to create a safer and more efficient patient journey.


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