Patient safety at the core of Patientracks new features

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Patientrack, a complete digital and mobile bedside solution, has further enhanced its patient safety capabilities with two new modules, Bed Boards and Clinical Noting, which will be available to both existing and new customers.

The Bed Boards module, recently purchased by ACT Health, delivers real-time patient information by replacing the patient’s bedside whiteboard, which currently requires manual written updates from a nurse or clinician, with an electronic whiteboard or wall mounted iPad to improve patient safety. By taking real-time data feeds from multiple systems the Bed Board module displays critical patient information at the patient bedside including demographics to aid in Positive Patient Identification, patient location, estimated date of discharge, falls risk status, dietary requirements and mobility information.


Patientrack Bed Board screenshot showing patient information display


The Clinical Noting module gives clinicians the ability to share information on a patient’s injury or symptom, such as a rash or burn, with another clinical specialist in a secure environment. The module gives clinicians options to record information either by a pre-drawn image such as a body map or a picture. This will allow any clinician to annotate with additional information that may not be visible in the image or diagram. These images and annotations are saved as part of the patient’s information for comprehensive and safe clinical handover.


Patientrack Clinical Noting screenshot showing annotated image and notes


Both modules are available to purchase for an additional licence fee to existing Patientrack customers with Bed Boards available now and Clinical Noting due for release in March 2019.


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