Miya Precision by Alcidion

Miya Precision is a FHIR-events platform for clinical and operational applications. It enhances existing IT healthcare investments to measurably improve clinical workflows.

It provides clinicians with actionable insights to directly impact patient care by consolidating information from disparate systems. It applies artificial intelligence to clinical decision support. An intuitive interface highlights critical issues and their required actions, providing insights to improve patient care. 


Simplify, standardise and systemise processes,
to deliver more effective care

Miya Precision provides healthcare systems with a platform approach to accessing critical data assets without needing to disrupt healthcare operations. Miya Precision integrates in real-time with existing health systems, transforming data into FHIR, the industry standard for data exchange, and providing FHIR-compliant resources to other applications integrated with the Miya Precision platform. Using a combination of AI, clinical decision support, and natural language processing, our platform facilitates real-time connectivity between FHIR and non-FHIR resources, unlocking the full potential of an organisation’s digital ecosystem to help clinicians interpret critical information and make informed decisions at every level.

A modern, modular and
customisable platform

Miya Precision’s modular approach removes the need to replace existing systems, while creating a digitally advanced environment.


  • Full interoperability with your existing EMR, PAS, Labs and other systems
  • Facilitate multiple clinical and operational applications
  • Enable third-party algorithms to be plugged in and managed
  • Optimise your investments with a platform for future expansion

Securely integrate data
from any source

Miya Precision transforms inputs from multiple systems to present consolidated and meaningful information.


  • Consolidate information from disparate systems in the FHIR standard
  • Meet healthcare interoperability requirements
  • Uses open standards providing secure, claims-based authorisation
  • Strong security framework limits access to authorised areas

It’s convenient to configure

We work with stakeholders at your organisation to design the optimal layout and transfer knowledge to meet your needs.


  • Tailored intuitive dashboards present real-time relevant information
  • Configurable to support local requirements
  • Cloud-hosted, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure option

Provide clinicians
actionable insights

Information is presented in an intuitive interface, providing clinicians actionable insights to directly impact patient care.


  • Real-time relevant information highlights critical actions
  • Clinicians can instantly see their caseload
  • Device-agnostic and supports mobility
  • Provides clinicians suggested actions based on local protocols and interrogation of patient data


A guide to FHIR events platforms and the advantages over FHIR servers and HIEs

75% of healthcare executives rank data interoperability as the highest or one of the highest priorities for their organisation, according to industry leaders in a 2022 Google Cloud and Fierce Healthcare survey.



A modular eBCMS for targeted patient flow improvement

NHS England is facing a critical shortage of hospital beds, with less than half of the total capacity from 30 years ago now unavailable. Frontline NHS teams need access to digital tools to proactively manage demand and enhance resource allocation in order to support UEC recovery. Alcidion’s FHIR-based platform supports a modular approach to implementing eBCMS, allowing organisations to address specific patient flow challenges, like reducing administrative burdens, resolving bottlenecks, and improving care coordination and communication.




Talking HealthTech podcast episode 386 – What is a FHIR event platform? Vivek Krishnan, Alcidion

In this Talking HealthTech podcast episode, host Sophie Turner speaks with Vivek Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer at Alcidion. The discussion centres on digital innovation in healthcare, emphasising the role of interoperability, event-driven platforms, and the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard. This conversation offers an exploration into how Alcidion’s patient flow solutions and FHIR-based platform contribute to the enhancement of data exchange and patient care.



Interoperability with Open Standards

Interoperability is critical for the future of healthcare and the desired continuum of care, yet it continues to be a challenge faced by healthcare providers worldwide. Vivek Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer at Alcidion explores two well-established interoperability standards, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) and open Electronic Health Record (openEHR) to provide a comparison of these standards in an open healthcare platform setting.


built for you

Alcidion’s FHIR-events platform fuels a suite of eight specialised solutions crafted to address the precise clinical and operational challenges faced by your organisation. The modular structure of Miya Precision empowers you to establish a digital ecosystem tailored to your organisation’s priority areas, patient demographics, and regional needs.

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