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Miya Analytics

Unlocking your data

Access to relevant and timely information is a daily challenge to most healthcare organisations. Data is everywhere but not often available in a format or structure that can be easily accessed without specialist reporting or database skills.

Miya Analytics presents information in a meaningful format that aligns with your needs and facilitates analysis. We provide clinical, research and business users the data and reporting tools to access to the right information, make decisions and plan.

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Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation

How it works

Interrogate your data real-time

Data visualisation tools allow clinical, research and business users to understand and progress analytics that matter to their care delivery, research project or business area.  Our approach to analytics is designed to support a self-service model and reduce the impact on your reporting team.

Miya Analytics provides a graphical, real-time view of the status of all patients, episodes, specialities, wards and beds with the ability to drill-down to the atomic level of your data.

These visualisations also embed proven predictive algorithms to estimate and forecast the flow in and across the health service.


How to realise the significant value of your healthcare data

The digitisation of health records through the adaptation of computerised systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) promises great advances for patient safety and clinical care.



We have existing data marts that align with specific healthcare clinical and business areas. These range from patient and episodic data through diagnostic results and medications and extending to general ledger and clinical costing.


Smart solutions designed for you


Miya Intelligence

Healthcare data warehouse consolidating data from multiple systems and generating meaningful data.

Miya Precision

FHIR-event platform that facilitates multiple clinical and operational applications.

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