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Miya Care

Active participation in your health

Care delivery today is centred around the patient. This focus highlights the need for streamlined communication between the patient and their care team.

Patients today can be active participants in the maintenance of their health status and in their recovery from illness – they are part of their care team. Digital apps and wearable devices allow them to contribute to their care record by capturing real-time information and sharing that automatically with those clinicians involved in their ongoing care.

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Streamlined communication across the care team

Patients receiving virtual care have unique requirements. While this model of care has many advantages, good communication is essential.  Miya Care when combined with Miya Specialty provides a framework for remotely coordinating patient care.

Miya Care guides patients to participate in activities to monitor their health. The care team can quickly configure a regime for the patient by assigning them a predefined care protocol which can be customised to meet specific needs.  Miya Care reminds the patient to record vital signs with smart monitoring devices, completing symptom check surveys or other activities. Telehealth appointments can be configured for patients with conference call integration.


Sydney Local Health District expands use of Miya Precision

Alcidion is pleased to announce it has expanded the use of its remote patient monitoring platform, Miya Precision, with the Sydney Local Health District.



Intuitive and familiar user interface for the patient to review and record care plan updates, vital signs and progress. It establishes a collaborative care relationship between the patient and their clinical team.


Smart solutions designed for you


Miya Platform

FHIR-based event platform transforming inputs from multiple systems to present consolidated and meaningful information.

Miya Record

Longitudinal patient record consolidating inputs from all systems and transforming to an intuitive summary.

Miya Logic

Create clinical decision support rules to highlight patient status and support best practice.

Miya Specialty

Specialty-specific dashboard display of patient lists with clinically relevant information.

Miya Memory

Mobile EMR presenting consolidated patient information with actionable insights wherever and whenever needed.

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