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Miya Coding

Completing the care record

Accurate and timely clinical coding is mandatory to record the patient’s episode of care and for healthcare organisations to secure appropriate remuneration for services delivered. In an increasingly digital environment, clinical coders often need to sort through multiple systems and documents to access the information necessary to complete the coding process.

Miya Coding reduces the searching and interrogation of the patient record to access the information necessary to support assignment of the relevant clinical codes.

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How it works

Streamline clinical coding

Miya Coding uses the automated capability of Miya Language to perform a real-time evaluation of the patient record from clinical notes and identifies relevant concepts to streamline the clinical coding process.

Concepts are identified and presented to clinical coders for confirmation and inclusion in the record completion process.  The immediate access to this qualified information streamlines the coding function; enhances quality and completeness; improves timeliness; and has the potential to improve the revenue arising.


Miya Memory used by 60+ clinicians

Alcidion worked with Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) to implement a mobile app that alerts clinicians to patient safety impacts, enhancing clinical workflow and improving patient safety.



Through a shared workflow, Miya Coding builds on the intelligence of Miya Language to use complexity detection algorithms to highlight conditions and co-morbidities for inclusion in the coding record. Coders can see whether concepts have been confirmed by medical staff.


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Miya Platform

FHIR-based event platform transforming inputs from multiple systems to present consolidated and meaningful information.

Miya Noting

Comprehensive structured and unstructured clinical documentation capabilities for all clinical workflows.

Miya Language

Natural Language Processing transforms unstructured clinical documentation to meaningful concepts.

Miya Record

Longitudinal patient record consolidating inputs from all systems and transforming to an intuitive summary.

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