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Miya Intelligence

Make your data an asset

Data is captured in a myriad of systems across a healthcare organisation. It is aligned with a range of different schemas, conforms to different code sets and is often difficult to access without specialist skills. Data is an increasingly valuable asset that becomes more difficult to optimise as more processes are digitalised.

Miya Intelligence helps you understand the drivers of your business from a clinical, research and business perspective and provides you with insights to better manage and plan care, inform clinical research, and to support operational decision making.

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How it works

Real-time data insights

Our Miya Intelligence platform is highly complex and works on a change data capture (log-based) technology to detect changes in the data and populate more than 3,000 data columns across more than 70 tables for advanced analytics, including machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and predictive real-time alerts.

The data extraction layer of our solution includes highly optimised pre-built queries that can be readily deployed and configured to start extracting and consolidating data from various clinical and non-clinical systems.


44% increase in minimal trauma patients identified

The Kolling Institute improved research and patient outcomes by linking public and private health datasets.



Miya Intelligence supports real-time data replication using the StarQuest Data Replicator. Access to timely information provides you with the ability to immediately understand clinical and business drivers, as well as directly apply those insights to influence care delivery.


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Miya Analytics

Business intelligence dashboards to monitor clinical, business and research performance.

Miya Precision

FHIR-event platform that facilitates multiple clinical and operational applications.

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