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Miya Memory

Mobile EMR keeps you informed anywhere, anytime

Digital mobile solutions available today mean we can all be engaged whether at our workplace or on the go. In the healthcare environment, the vast amount of patient clinical data available means clinicians must be aware at all times. It is no longer adequate to only have access in a fixed location.

Our mobile app provides clinicians access to real-time information wherever they are and whenever needed.

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Powered by the Miya Platform, Miya Memory references the FHIR-based consolidated information sourced from your transactional systems to present clinicians with mobile access to the full clinical record of their patients.

Application of tailored clinical decision support means that clinicians receive meaningful notifications aligned with local best practice.  These notifications provide actionable insights to determine the next action in the patient’s care.


Miya Memory used by 60+ clinicians

Alcidion worked with Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) to implement a mobile app that alerts clinicians to patient safety impacts, enhancing clinical workflow and improving patient safety.



Miya Memory lets clinicians access the information they need to monitor patients, manage workflow and adhere to best practice.  It relieves the cognitive load and makes the right thing to do, the easiest thing to do.

Wherever, whenever, clinicians can access a snapshot of their caseload, be notified of critical issues and review comprehensive patient records on-the-go


Smart solutions designed for you


Miya Platform

FHIR-based event platform transforming inputs from multiple systems to present consolidated and meaningful information.

Miya Record

Longitudinal patient record consolidating inputs from all systems and transforming to an intuitive summary.

Miya Logic

Create clinical decision support rules to highlight patient status and support best practice.

Miya Language

Natural Language Processing transforms unstructured clinical documentation to meaningful concepts.

Miya Specialty

Specialty-specific dashboard display of patient lists with clinically relevant information.

Miya Flow

Proactively manage patient stays with access to real-time patient and clinical information.

Miya Care

Intuitive platform that guides patients to actively participate in monitoring their health.

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