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Miya Platform

Putting FHIR into practice

The digitalisation of healthcare has resulted in a complex system environment consisting of a myriad of disconnected enterprise and specialist systems. This creates an interoperability and data governance overhead. Further, accessing consolidated information consumes scarce resources and requires specialist expertise.

Our platform addresses the data processing challenges raised by typical health IT systems, including clinical decision support (CDS) built into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) / Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems and helps manage the execution of hundreds or thousands of CDS algorithms in response to changing clinical data.

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How it works

Open standards event architecture

Miya Platform is a dedicated real-time smart clinical resource for healthcare, incorporating an event-sourced architecture that implements a clinical event. It is an active CDS system because it responds to new clinical information.

Whether you’re using one of our Miya Precision modules or your own applications, the vendor-neutral Miya Platform will provide you with access to a comprehensive event-based data reference that can scale as your demand increases.

Case study

9 clinical information systems integrated

By giving staff access to real-time patient data at the bedside, Miya is enhancing patient safety and the clinician experience at MidCentral District Health Board.



In contrast to other CDS products that only allow authoring within the specific CDS system, Miya Platform enables third-party algorithms to be plugged in and managed via the knowledge management tools.

Most CDS and EMR systems do not enforce a standard clinical model, so CDS authored in one instance is not executable in another institution or site. We use Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) and standard terminology to standardise the most common clinical parameters across customers.


Smart solutions designed for you


Miya Flow

Proactively manage patient stays with access to real-time patient and clinical information.

Miya Access

Streamline bed allocation and management processes to optimise patient experience and resource utilisation.

Miya Command

Interactive overview of entire organisation to optimise resource utilisation and patient experience.

Miya Logic

Create clinical decision support rules to highlight patient status and support best practice.

Miya Language

Natural Language Processing transforms unstructured clinical documentation to meaningful concepts.

Miya Emergency

Manage emergency department clinical care and throughput with visibility of key indicators.

Miya Specialty

Specialty specific dashboard display of patient lists with clinically relevant information.

Miya Memory

Mobile EMR presenting consolidated patient information with actionable insights wherever and whenever needed.

Miya Coding

Clinical documentation analysed to ensure that episodes of care are optimally coded improving reporting and revenue.

Miya Noting

Comprehensive structured and unstructured clinical documentation capabilities for all clinical workflows.

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