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Smartpage Non-Clinical

Managing operations

The efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery are hugely impacted by patients being in the right place at the right time. Services such as cleaning, catering and security need to align schedules to support the overall management and streamlined delivery of optimal care.

Smartpage Non-Clinical ensures patient movement across and around a hospital aligns with service and resource availability. Removing the bottlenecks that can arise when a patient is not moved or a bed is not cleaned.

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How it works

Electronic task management

From the Non-Clinical perspective, Smartpage will deliver benefits from the requesting, co-ordination and individual perspectives. Each role involved in the process will have visibility of the status of tasks across the organisation. The solution can be effectively applied to all non-clinical task requirements, such as portering, orderly tasks, cleaning requests, and food service needs.

Real-time information, electronic requests, instant dispatching and self-allocation creates efficient workflows and improves team productivity. Patient journeys are streamlined with efficient service delivery and increased patient satisfaction.


15 minutes saved every hour, for every doctor

With Smartpage, Capital and Coast District Health Board improved communication, visibility, efficiency, and most importantly, patient safety.



All wards and clinical departments, such as ED and Radiology, initiate electronic orders for required tasks, transfers and other services. Requests are not lost or overlooked and interruptions from unnecessary phone calls are reduced.


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