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Smartpage Response

Connecting Teams in an emergency

The ability to manage Met and Code calls, communicate the nature of the emergency situation and mobilise a multi-disciplinary team to respond immediately is critical in a busy hospital. Smartpage Response provides a web switchboard view to enable a broad emergency message to be sent to multiple teams and locations across the hospital.

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Smartpage Response

How it works

Reliable secure communication

The instant two-way communication flow provided by Smartpage Response enables the broadcaster to see who has received and accepted the request to respond in real time and manage the incident through to completion.

Recipients receive an instant Smartphone alert or a voicemail message if they are in an area of low reception (e.g. theatres) with details on the nature and location of the emergency. This removes the need for the respondents to call back to base before responding.

Provided as a secure 24×7 cloud-hosted service, the solution uses the local Wi-Fi and / or available 3G/4G/5G networks to ensure messages are delivered and received quickly and reliably.


An interactive, two-way, visible method of emergency paging

Manx Care, Isle of Man embarked on a project with Alcidion to replace an outdated emergency paging system with Smartpage Response.



15 minutes saved every hour, for every doctor

With Smartpage, Capital and Coast District Health Board improved communication, visibility, efficiency, and most importantly, patient safety.



The smart secure two-way messaging means that users have visibility of the message status with instant team read and activation receipts.


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