Patient Flow
Perfecting Patient Flow & Optimising Hospital Operations
In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Nick White and Kaye Hocking from Alcidion provided valuable insights into the challenges and
Modern Modular EPR
Miya Precision – A Modern Modular EPR at South Tees
South Tees deployed Alcidion’s Miya Precision to lighten the burden faced by clinical staff, reducing time spent on manual processes using impressive clinical decision support tools.
Data and Analytics, Miya Central
Reducing record hospital wait times that cost Australian lives
In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Kate Quirke from Alcidion and Martin Moszczynski from Olinqua discuss their collaboration to
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Clinical Workflow
Save hours in the work day with Alcidion’s clinical workflow solution
By Kate Quirke in Digital Health CONNECT Magazine New Zealand healthcare professionals are paged an average of 35 times per hour and spend seven
Smartpage – Beyond the Pager
Smartpage is an advanced smartphone and web-based system for hospital communication and task management, addressing the requirements of both clinical and non-clinical users.
Investor Resources
Equity Mates Investing Podcast
The hosts of Equity Mates Investing Podcast, Bryce and Alex, breakdown the barriers to investing, to make the markets accessible to everyone. Hear what they have to say about Alcidion in this episode!
Miya Precision
Smarter Solutions Built For You
Alcidion helps healthcare organisations harness the power of technology to create a clinically relevant environment with digitally enabled care Our
Clinical Workflow, Smartpage
Townsville Hospital & Health Services
Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) was looking for solutions to improve after-hours workflow, reduce task interruption due to excessive phone calls to clinical teams and the communication between ward staff and after-hours teams at Townsville University Hospital.
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Miya Precision
A Guide to FHIR Events Platforms and the Advantages over FHIR Servers and HIEs
Underpinning Miya Precision is a FHIR events platform that has been built from the ground up to standardise and store data in a FHIR format, facilitate clinical workflows, and enable real-time exchange of data.
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Clinical Workflow, Smartpage
Clinical communications: When tech responds to junior doctors
Junior doctors are saving hours on shifts, safety has been enhanced, and nurses can easily see when clinicians will respond to deteriorating patients.
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Patientrack, Smartpage
Manx Care deepens Alcidion relationship after positive patient outcomes
Isle of Man healthcare group leans on Patientrack to auto-escalate cases of deteriorating patients, setting the scene for increased NHS uptake.
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Miya Precision, Patient Flow
Te Whatu Ora MidCentral upgrade to Miya Precision on Alcidion Cloud
Alcidion is pleased to announce that Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine o Tararua MidCentral District (MidCentral) has recently completed a substantial upgrade

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