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Alcidion’s solution architecture empowers organisations to visualise the full potential of our platform to provide a targeted, interoperable approach for the specific needs and requirements of your organisation. With our modular platform, you can identify and select the capabilities that align with your priorities to optimise your digital infrastructure or start building from the ground up. Alcidion leverages this framework to continually develop and enhance our solutions to address the distinct clinical and operational challenges present across healthcare organisations.  

Patient Flow

Alcidion’s Patient Flow solution is a digital system for bed management, patient journey management and systemwide coordination, supporting the optimal sequencing of clinical and logistic processes to facilitate timely and effective care.  

Virtual Care 

The Virtual Care solution guides patients to participate in activities to monitor their health, from post-acute care in the home, through to management of patients with chronic conditions. 

Virtual Care

Operations Centre  

Alcidion’s AI enabled solution, Miya Central, provides a comprehensive view of available capacity, predicted demand, and utilisation metrics across your healthcare system. We focus on releasing capacity and the identification of potentially vulnerable patients, helping healthcare organisations optimise resource management within individual facilities or across the integrated care system.  

Specialised Care 

Alcidion’s Specialised Care solution supports the clinical and administrative workflows that underpin the efficient delivery of emergency and specialty care with visibility of key indicators. 

Digital documentation

Data & Analytics  

Alcidion’s Data & Analytics solution is designed to help organisations extract valuable insights from their healthcare data to improve patient care and enhance operational efficiency. Our solution liberates valuable data stuck in existing IT systems by transforming it into the FHIR standard for interoperability and making it available for real-time analytics. 

Integrated Care Record  

Alcidion’s Integrated Care Record solution provides healthcare organisations with a single, longitudinal view of a patient’s healthcare journey across providers and hospitals, to support informed and contextual care interactions. 

Modern Modular EPR  

Alcidion’s Modern Modular EPR solution facilitates healthcare organisations’ iterative approach to digital transformation by extending digital capability while optimising the clinical workflow with FHIR based interoperable data from existing IT systems. 

Clinical Workflow  

Alcidion’s Clinical Workflow suite provides a range of award-winning advanced smartphone and web-based systems to support clinical workflows, including vitals tracking, alerting, communication and task management. Our tools can be deployed independently or in combination with the Miya platform to provide an industry leading digital experience. 

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