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Streamlined Clinical Workflows, Intelligent Comms and Mobility Solutions

Alcidion’s Clinical Workflow hospital software provides a range of award-winning advanced smartphone and web-based systems to support clinical workflows, including vitals tracking, alerting, communication and task management. Our tools can be deployed independently or in combination with the Miya platform to provide an industry leading digital experience. 

Streamlined Workflows for Efficient Care

Alcidion’s Clinical Workflow suite consists of a range of solutions to optimise clinical workflows with real-time patient monitoring and secure collaboration and task management. This new technology solves the challenges presented by outdated communication tools and has driven a wide range of benefits for clinicians, patients, and healthcare IT systems including enhancements to patient safety, released time to care, and improved staff engagement and well-being.  

From the bedside, critical indicators and changes in patient status are collected to promptly notify care teams. This information is further enhanced by automating the calculation of the Early Warning Score (EWS) to issue alerts based on an organisation’s local protocols.

This suite of solutions empowers clinicians and streamlines healthcare workflows with:  

  • Results Management provides real-time access to patient test results, ensuring that clinicians have access to critical information. 
  • The comprehensive electronic patient record consolidates data from various sources for a holistic view of a patient’s medical history. 
  • Flexible, intuitive documentation templates, combined with natural language processing (NLP), to accelerate documentation and enrich patient records. 
  • Tailored patient lists ensure seamless care management across different settings, reducing the risk of critical information gaps and providing a unified view of patient data. 
  • Terminology-based problem and allergy management for consistent and accurate recording and management of critical issues and allergies throughout the patient’s care journey. 

With real-time patient data, clinicians can access their current caseload and activity on smartphones and the web, facilitating rapid and reliable communication and task management for clinical handovers and support services.   

Clinical Workflow

Modern Communication Methods for Improved Care Team Collaboration

With Alcidion’s Clinical Workflow medical software, healthcare providers can streamline their processes, replacing outdated communication tools, like pagers, legacy phones, and white boards with an advanced, integrated platform designed to enhance efficiency and improve patient care.

  • Support rapid response processes with consistent notification 
  • Enable organisation-wide visibility of task management and alerting 
  • Replace pagers and WhatsApp 
  • Provide digital audit trail of tasks at a patient level and the response from the recipient 
  • Clinicians can be notified of critical issues and review comprehensive patient records on-the-go  
  • NLP-enabled noting  

Optimising Your Workflows for Success

Alcidion’s modular approach provides organisations with the flexibility to customise and iterate their digital transformation to suit specific and evolving requirements. Pick and choose the capabilities relevant to your digital workflows.

Smartpage is an advanced smartphone and web-based system for hospital communication and task management, addressing the requirements of both clinical and non-clinical users.

Miya Observations & Assessments

Miya Observations & Assessments (Patientrack) supports the capture of data at the bedside – whether directly entered on a tablet or integrated from patient monitors.  Automated calculation of the Early Warning Score (EWS) issues alerts based on your local protocols to inform monitoring and management.

Miya Noting

Miya Noting supports all clinical documentation required throughout the patient’s episode of care. Clinicians are presented with information already available in the patient record so they have instant access to the full context.

Miya Logic

Miya Logic harnesses the power of IT to process large volumes of data and present results in a meaningful paradigm. This means clinicians can devote time normally spent sorting through disparate records to direct patient care.

Miya Results Tracking

Miya Results Tracking is a comprehensive results management solution with an intuitive design that helps clinicians to monitor, track and acknowledge patient results.

Miya Memory

Powered by the Miya Platform, Miya Memory references the FHIR-based consolidated information sourced from your transactional systems to present clinicians with mobile access to the full clinical record of their patients. Clinicians receive meaningful notifications aligned with local best practice, providing actionable insights to determine the next steps in patient care.

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Alcidion’s FHIR-events platform fuels a suite of eight specialised solutions crafted to address the precise clinical and operational challenges faced by your organisation. The modular structure of Miya Precision empowers you to establish a digital ecosystem tailored to your organisation’s priority areas, patient demographics, and regional needs.

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