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Modern Modular EPR

Alcidion’s Modern Modular EPR solution facilitates an iterative approach to digital transformation, building on existing investments and placing data into the hands of clinicians to improve efficiency and quality of patient care.

Design a Digitally Driven Clinical Environment

Our Modern Modular EPR solution provides your organisation with a clinical repository that aggregates data across your entire digital ecosystem. Anchored on our FHIR events platform, Miya Precision, this solution creates a single, unified source of truth for patient information. Our modular approach helps to optimise patient care and data management, addressing your specific digitisation requirements and workflows, and providing a staged approach to digital enablement. 

Miya Precision enables healthcare organisations to manage care delivery using clinical and operational capabilities that deliver both effectiveness and efficiencies.  While clinicians are supported by access to real-time information, the hospital executive has ready access to the overall status of the enterprise so that necessary action can be initiated.

Bridging the gaps in fragmented systems is a critical mission to reach digital maturity. The interoperability that is native to the Miya Platform enables communication between and across the fabric of systems encountered in a healthcare environment. A modern, modular technical architecture enables organisations to future-proof the digital environment – meeting the needs of today and ensuring flexibility to meet the unexpected needs of tomorrow. 

Mobile EPR Keeps You Informed Anywhere, Anytime

Clinicians need access to relevant information when and wherever they are – which is not always in front of a computer. Our mobile app, Miya Memory, provides clinicians with a view of the patient’s EPR on their smart phone and ensures they remain informed even while on the move.

Key Benefits

  • Enable real time patient data highlighting critical information when and where needed
  • Interoperate with other systems to establish a consolidated single source of truth
  • Combine a modern intuitive UI to establish a seamless experience for the clinician
  • Proactively manage patient care through visualisation and notification of changes in patient condition
  • Employ smart technology (e.g. NLP, AI, ML, etc.) to provide smart clinical documentation that relieves cognitive burden
  • Incrementally improve parts of the organisation to match organisational resources and priority 

Build an EPR Your Way

Alcidion’s modular approach provides organisations with the flexibility to customise and iterate their digital transformation to suit specific and evolving requirements. Each of Alcidion’s solutions includes a number of core capabilities built on our Miya Precision platform. Customisation is available with optional modules to align with unique clinical workflows and enhance your Miya experience.

Customer Success Stories

built for you

Alcidion’s FHIR-events platform fuels a suite of eight specialised solutions crafted to address the precise clinical and operational challenges faced by your organisation. The modular structure of Miya Precision empowers you to establish a digital ecosystem tailored to your organisation’s priority areas, patient demographics, and regional needs.

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