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Electronic Patient Flow
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Alcidion’s Patient Flow solution surfaces real-time access to key clinical and logistics information to ensure the patient journey is safe, clinically effective, and efficient.

Streamline the flow of patients through your organisation

Alcidion’s Patient Flow solution is a digital system designed for bed management, patient journey coordination, and systemwide organisation. The solution supports the optimal sequencing of clinical and logistic processes to facilitate effective care, releasing capacity and time back to providers.

This customisable solution empowers clinical teams to proactively identify and address patient flow challenges. Through electronic patient journey boards, information from various sources is consolidated, providing the entire organisation with a unified, real-time view of patient, ward, site, and health service capacity and demand. Automated communication among wards, clinicians, and patient flow managers not only saves time but also eliminates manual tasks, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.

Unlocking capacity in patient pathways

Patient Flow seamlessly incorporates real-time patient information from existing electronic systems, presenting that data to clinicians through user-friendly interfaces that support clinical workflows, rather than taking clinicians away from the bedside.

Key Benefits

  • Unlock capacity  
  • Resolve patient flow barriers, improving progression of care
  • Reduce length of stay (LOS) and improve patient experience
  • Encourage both pushing and pulling of patients through the system
  • Save clinician and administrator time, releasing time to care
  • Improve clinician engagement with interfaces mapped to the clinical workflow
  • Safer and more effective multi-disciplinary team meetings and handover
  • Tailored Journey boards for each care setting

Design your own flow

Alcidion’s modular approach provides organisations with the flexibility to customise and iterate their digital transformation to suit specific and evolving requirements. Each of Alcidion’s solutions includes a number of core capabilities powered by our Miya Precision platform. Customisation is available with optional modules to align with unique clinical workflows and enhance your Miya Precision experience.

built for you

Alcidion’s FHIR-events platform fuels a suite of eight specialised solutions crafted to address the precise clinical and operational challenges faced by your organisation. The modular structure of Miya Precision empowers you to establish a digital ecosystem tailored to your organisation’s priority areas, patient demographics, and regional needs.

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