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Emergency Department and Specialised Care

Alcidion’s Specialised Care solution supports the clinical and administrative workflows that underpin the efficient delivery of emergency and specialty care with visibility of key indicators.

Bridging Gaps in Emergency and Specialty Care Settings

Emergency and specialty care departments require systems that are tailored to their particular patient populations, requirements, and workflows. The challenge with these individual systems is ensuring they can integrate and share critical patient information with each other and the broader EHR system. Interoperability standards and integration strategies are crucial to maintain the continuity of care and patient safety across the care continuum. 

Alcidion’s Specialised Care solution is a versatile application which can be seamlessly applied across specialty departments within healthcare organisations. It provides tailored workflows and configurable visualisations of vital metrics, fostering greater efficiency, workflow optimisation, and improved patient flow. 

For emergency department settings, staff are supported from pre-arrival through triage, care delivery and discharge with visualisations in tailored graphical dashboards that display real-time updates on patient and site status. The data captured during the ED stay is available for both local and national reporting as applicable.

Predictive Insights Powered by Machine Learning

The Specialised Care solution is underpinned by machine learning capabilities. This includes the predicted number of ED attendances based on history, which dynamically updates based on current activity to inform decision-making and planning.

Key Benefits  

  • Tailored clinical workflows for specialty care
  • Monitor waiting times
  • Manage patient flow within Emergency and Specialty Departments 
  • Critical results notification
  • Visibility on every stage of a patient’s progress through the department
  • Easy for clinicians to ensure all results (pathology and radiology) are acknowledged, minimising clinical risk
  • Local and National reporting standards built in

Customise Your Specialised Care Solution

Alcidion’s modular approach provides organisations with the flexibility to customise and iterate their digital transformation to suit specific and evolving requirements. Each of Alcidion’s solutions includes a number of core capabilities built on our Miya Precision platform. Customisation is available with optional modules to align with unique clinical workflows and enhance your Miya experience.

built for you

Alcidion’s FHIR-events platform fuels a suite of eight specialised solutions crafted to address the precise clinical and operational challenges faced by your organisation. The modular structure of Miya Precision empowers you to establish a digital ecosystem tailored to your organisation’s priority areas, patient demographics, and regional needs.

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